To know how to get a girl, you have to know about first impressions. First impressions can be misleading and judging someone by a first impression can be completely inaccurate. But, naturally, people use first impressions to learn about another person. So, it’s best to take first impressions seriously. First and foremost, use common sense to make that good first impression and look your best whether you’re on the beach or in the club.

Follow the basic rules of good social interaction – like taking preventative measures against body odor and bad breath.  You don’t want to stop a conversation before it even begins. So, if you’re wondering how to get a girl, first things first, make sure you look and smell your best before going out on the prowl.

Also, pay attention to your posture not only for your sake, but for the sake of others. You might be asking: for the sake of others?  Well, take this example – if you’re talking to someone who is slouching or has his/her head down, it’s very unlikely you’re having an interesting and lively conversation. So, sit up straight. While you’re having a conversation with a girl, good posture shows her that you’re an attentive listener – something all girls like.

You know that song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?” Well, this is the anthem for Spring Break girls! How to get a girl is to have fun with them and make them laugh. Some girls might not get your sense of humor but who cares, there’s always a chick out there who will.

Confidence is good, you want that, but don’t act overly confident. Be a gentleman, keep topics about here and now and only go deeper into a topic when she does. Keep your attitude positive, your tone passionate and your focus on her. In your mind, make the world around you vanish and imagine, at that moment, there is only you and her.

This article is broken down into different sections with advice on how to get a girl: