On Spring Break, you will witness all sorts of bathing suits on the female body, as she undoubtedly has been planning her swim attire for the months leading up. What kind of bathing suit a girl wears on Spring Break says a lot about her, and if you are looking to hook up, you should be aware. All shapes and sizes wear all 3 bathing suit types we mention, and knowing how to approach them can help in your Spring Break fun.

2 Piece Bikini:

https://theogsb.com/This is going to be your Spring Break standard. The majority of girls will be rocking the two piece trying to get their tan on and show a little skin. However, this does not mean that they should be sporting the two piece. Nothing worse than seen a baked muffin top on the beach next to you when it could be covered. With the majority of girls wearing this attire, it is safe to say this will be the majority of girls you meet. They come in all shapes and sizes, willing to party, ready to get down and dirty, and also ready to reject your faster than that time you tried to get into the club with your 7 buddies. They are going to be the most down to earth girls of your trip, but don’t be afraid if they seem to always be in groups of 5 or more.

Thong Bottom:

https://theogsb.com/Ah, the thong. The holy grail of swimsuits for the ladies. When entire songs are based around attire, as well as the asset that the attire is covering, you know it is good stuff. The thong bottom snaps every neck, causes guys to elbow nudge each other as it swings by, and every other girl is judging whether or not she can pull it off. The thong wearer is one to approach lightly, with the note that there’s a good chance you will get rejected. They obviously have more confidence than anyone, and are used to being approached regularly. If you see a smokeshow rocking the booty floss on Spring Break, it would be the champion take down of the week, but should you really want to invest your time and effort into it when there are plenty of 2 piece bikinis and one piece tarp wearers ready and waiting to be disappointed by your extremely average sex game? Just do it!

One Piece:

https://theogsb.com/By far, going to be the biggest party animals of the group. These are the girls that will be slamming beer for beer with you at the pool bar. They are usually more than down to have a little extra fun. Sure, you have no idea what is hiding under that one piece bathing suit, but what is better than living life on the edge? They keep you on the edge of your seat, and some one pieces look very sexy on a girl’s body. The unknown can be intriguing and that’s what these suits bring. The one piece wearers seem to be more open to meet people, and although they may become passed out by 3pm on the beach, they will have had the most fun in the meantime.