The days of dancing late into the night in the warm summer air has not ended just yet. Every party, club, or barbeque where the drinks are flowing heavier than Niagra Falls after the ice cap melts, are sure to have some of the same tunes bumping in order to get all of the party-goers amped up. This summer has been filled with countless hits that make you want to throttle a drink and dance till you sweat through that undershirt you thought for sure would cover those pit stains in the humid air. Let’s check out some this summer’s jams.


“Get Lucky” – Daft Punk ft. Pharrell:

The secretive French duo teamed up with Pharrell Williams to come up with this upbeat tune has taken the summer by storm, with every radio station playing it relentlessly, and every party getting turned up a little louder.


Come and Get it” – Selena Gomez:

Even if you don’t want to admit it, Selena’s newest hit gets you amped up to slam a beer and jump every time it is played at the bar. It is one of those songs that you, “don’t like”, but then when it comes on, everyone that is obliterated starts screaming along and shows off their poor dance moves.

“I Need Your Love” – Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding:

A club banger that came out a bit before summer, but rest assured every DJ has this in their summer repertoire, and knows just how to use it to get the entire place jumping.



“Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke ft. T.I and Pharrell:

This trio decided that they would push the limits of social acceptability, and ended with an amazing product. This hit just makes you want to grind up on the closest piece of sweaty flesh that you can find.

“Clarity” – Zedd ft. Foxes:

Another club hit that will leave you with sore calves from all the hopping around you do once the beat drops. The fist pumps come out with this one, and hearing this at 10AM on a Tuesday morning at work is enough to make any cubical monkey run to the nearest liquor store and rage in the beer cooler.

“The Other Side” – Jason Derulo:

A smooth summer song that every female cranks up just a few notches and lets everyone know how much they love it. Plus, if the girls like it, you know the guys will go along with anything.


“Wake Me Up” – Avicii:

A new direction with the infamous Avicii proves a good move, as this song can be heard blaring from every car speaker on main street. Along with Aloe Blacc, Avicii just knows how to make your heart thump in your chest like a phone book in a dryer.

There are so many more summer hits, but just reading these ones are enough to make you want to crush a beer midday and not look back.