The holidays are here, and for most people, that is a great thing. A relief from school, work, and you get to spend time with your family that you may not have seen in a while. Now, if you are like a lot of us, you are all excited to see your family, then after 5 hours of being with them, you are ready to get the hell out of there. Your sister’s voice is annoying, your mom won’t stop asking ridiculous questions about who you are dating and your dad isn’t saying anything. Toss in some annoying cousins, the aunt that is dressed in a ridiculous holiday sweater and that creepy uncle that still lives with your grandparents, and it is safe to say you are ready to head back to school within the first day of being home. You will get through this rough time though, and here are a few tips.



Common sense here with the smartphone, but it needed to be said. Between texting, Snapchatting ridiculous pictures, and scrolling through Facebook, there is more than enough with these bad boys to get you through the days. Try live Tweeting the ridiculous fight going on between your mother and her mother in-law.

Act tired:

Sure, you may seem like a party pooper, but once you start ignoring questions and claiming you are exhausted, people start to feel bad, and leave you alone. Saunter to your room and relax the night away.


NYT2008121515282809CThe most important tip on this list, booze can make things a lot better. Your mom’s questions soon become a game, your creepy uncle is now funny, and your evening becomes a whirlwind of slamming beers and glasses of wine until you are seeing two of everyone. Now THIS is a party! Once you hit the hammered stage, as long as you remember you are with family and not at a frat party in order to keep your clothes on, you are set.

Laughing and saying yes:

Most everything your family says isn’t going to be funny, but it is important to act like it is to keep the cheery mood going and to keep everyone happy. Plus, if you listened to the previous tip, and you are sloshed, you will be laughing anyways. Also, just say yes to 90% of questions, as it will keep everyone’s mind at ease and will stop your aunt from probing deeper into your frat’s pledge process.

Offer to run errands:

Yes, running errands sucks. So this is a last resort. If it gets to the point where you just can’t take being around your family anymore, errands are the perfect excuse to get away. Your parents will appreciate the offer to help and think you are being generous, when in reality you are just trying to do anything you can not to blow your head off by having to last another second in that house.