The cold winter weather has a way of making even the happiest people a bit down. Sure, the holidays are here and those are fun, but what do you do after they are over and you still have a couple months of freezing temperatures ahead? You travel to somewhere that is hot all day, and the nightlife heats up too. These 3 spots are good any time of the year, but traveling to them during the winter can really let you escape the cold weather, and relax on a beach without having to worry about a thing.

Negril, Jamaica-

2798897427_796b8f1f04_oAlso known as a hot Spring Break destination, Negril is one of those places that is a blast any time of the year. The vibe is always laid back and energized at the same time, if you can believe it. The locals are stuff of legends, as they are extremely friendly and seemingly always want you to have a good time. With an average January high of 83 degrees, there is plenty of reason to sit on the beach with a cool drink in your hand. Stop by Rick’s Cafe, where the cocktails and cliff jumping can easily make you forget why you considered going anywhere else.


mauiWe could give you one specific island to travel to in Hawaii, but you might as well check out any of them, because it doesn’t matter. Hawaii is a warm weather travel destination regardless of the time of year, and is always sought after. Maui is one of the biggest destinations, and sporting a January temperature of 82 degrees, it is easy to see why people flock here in the winter months. Between the notoriously good surfing, and exotic scenery, you will not run out of things to do if for some weird reason you get tired of drinking margaritas and slamming island beer.

Dominican Republic-

image2aAnother huge Spring Break destination, a lot of people forget about traveling to the Dominican Republic in other months. The Dominican Republic has an absurd amount to offer, whether it is the beautiful beaches, great island shopping, or the insane nightlife, it has it all. January temperatures hover around 83 degrees, expect to see plenty of hot bodies all over the beach. Also, the crowd tends to be younger throughout the nightlife than at places like Hawaii, so if you are looking to rage with other like-minded individuals this winter on a hot island, hit up the Dominican.