Spring Break is filled with millions of things you should do, want to do, and inevitably will end up doing. There is so much fun to be had, that you literally cannot list them all. Between the day parties, the DJs, the beach parties, pool parties, endless good looking people, clubs, hotels, and people from all over all having the same goals in mind, you will do it all. There are however, a few things that should be avoided when going on Spring Break. Here are 3 “Don’ts” we are going to to drill into your head:

Don’t bring a significant other:

polls_couple_20dancing_20on_20beach_4614_697898_xlargeSure, you are extremely in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend back at home, and they are amazing and mean the world to you. That’s great, but leave it at home. You are already headed to the beach, don’t bring sand along with you. No one on Spring Break wants to hear about your wonderful significant other. They are looking to get obliterated and smash anything that will crawl back to their room with them. Not saying you can’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend on Spring Break, just don’t bring them on the same trip. Have fun with your friends, and avoid the inevitable fights. Sure your girlfriend might be worried and say, “You better not even talk to another girl!” To that we say, “Sure toots, these tequila body shots I’m ripping off this sophomore’s stomach doesn’t count as talking right?”

Don’t let a small mishap linger:

You are on Spring Break, probably in a country a bit less superior than the good ol’ U S of A, and their standards are probably not up to yours. An air conditioner might break, you might get on the wrong bus, or you might get the wrong wristband at the club. Don’t let this ruin your day or week. You are only on Spring Break for a short amount of time to let something so irrelevant take hold. This is the time to make awful yet amazing life choices, and to have fun with friends that you crush the college life with. Enjoy yourself and let it go, your week will get better, we promise.

Don’t “take it easy”:

spring-break-keg-standrgWhether it is because you are hungover from the night before, or you are trying to avoid a hangover the next day, don’t even think twice about uttering those words. Taking it easy is for the other 359 days of the year that aren’t spent on Spring Break where you can literally do anything you want, at any time, and just about everyone is up for it. If you decide to “take it easy” at one point, you are almost guaranteed to miss out on at like 14 potential stories, and you are just wasting your money. Go all in ,all the time.