With New Year’s Eve less than a week away, there is a good chance you already know what your plans are, and are starting to plan for your plans. New Year’s is the type of holiday to be seen, get blitzed with good friends for the last time in the year, and spend the next day doing absolutely nothing while melting into your couch like the kid in the anti-marijuana commercial. In order to make sure your night goes just how you want it to, follow these 4 tips:

Know the dress code:

Most New Year’s Eve parties involve people putting on their best attire and getting dressed up. While this may be the case, it is important to know the dress code of where you are attending. There is nothing worse than being under-dressed in a classy place, or revealing too much skin if you are at a family event. Talk to friends that are going, and see what they are wearing.

Be with friends:

hammeredThis may seem like common sense, but spending New Year’s Eve with friends is the only way you should celebrate. There are plenty of other nights in the year to go solo hunting at the bars and clubs. This night is a night of drinking and dancing with close friends. Don’t be that guy that doesn’t join his friends for the night out because you think you know a hipper, cooler spot to go. You will end up staring at groups of people, wishing you were with friends.

Eye a hottie early:

Who doesn’t want to go home with a sexy person to start the new year off? Even if this isn’t an option, you should keep an eye out for a sexy something for a New Year’s kiss. It is a new year, and a new you. Break out of your shell and grab that person that’s been giving you the eye as the clock strikes midnight. It is quite the icebreaker, and who knows, it could turn into something.

Pace yourself:

Whom-to-Invite-and-Not-Invite-to-Your-New-Years-Eve-PartyNew Year’s Eve parties generally start a bit earlier than a typical night out, and can last a lot longer. It is understandable to be beyond excited all day for the bash to happen that night, but you should pace yourself. Nobody wants to be blackedout drunk┬áby 11:00pm, when the entire fun is making it until midnight. Pace yourself with your drinking, and feel free to start heavily pounding the booze after the new year has officially started.