Now that the holiday season is over, it is freezing cold outside in the dead of winter, and there is not much in the near future to look forward to, the winter blues can start to sink in. Besides just sitting at home and getting sloshed, here are 5 ways to get you out of your funk, and to start embracing these cold months:


Hit the slopes:

So it’s cold outside, and you don’t have the money to get somewhere warm, but you have the need for adventure. This is a perfect time to hit the slopes for some winter fun. Kick the new year off on a set of skis or a snowboard, and tear up the local mountain with friends. You quickly forget how cold it is, and that it is the dead of winter. Oh, even if you don’t ski or board, hit the mountain trip for the lodge parties and late night hot tub sessions with your hammered friends.

Hit the beach:

Well this may seem like common sense, but the beach is a surefire way to escape the winter blues. Booking a trip to a hot spot such as Cancun or the Dominican Republic spur of the moment is fun, and gives you something to look forward to. Even if you can’t make it to the beach right now, book your Spring Break trip and start counting down the days to get all hot on the beach.

Text that hottie you met on New Year’s Eve:

If you are like most people, you went wild on New Year’s Eve, and probably met some new friends. If you met a smokeshow or a stud that you can’t stop thinking about, now is the perfect time to hit them up. Enough time has passed since New Year’s Eve, and you can warm each other up on the couch after a night out. A new year, a new you.

Urbane-Life-Pub-Crawl-BP-4-16-13Bar crawl:

It’s freaking cold outside. How do you fix that? By putting on your beer coat. Bar crawls are a blast any time of the year, and in the winter it gives you a reason to drink and get warm. Plan it for a Saturday afternoon with friends and hit up at least 5 or 6 bars during happy hour. Drunkenly stumble through the snow from bar to bar, and in your mind you will be on a beach somewhere.



251357222922695676_JMRxNYtV_cPrepare your body for Spring Break:

Okay, so it’s the winter and maybe you don’t feel like partying hard. You booked your Spring Break trip to a hot beach somewhere, but the holidays have you feeling like Rosie O’Donnell. Time to hit the gym so you can have that banging body in your bikini by Spring Break. Guys, lets be honest, your abs have seen better days, and when Spring Break rolls around in a couple months, you want to be the guy the chicks are staring at from across the pool. You have two months to whip your body in shape, get moving!