What is it about guys that makes girls go so wild? Is it their hair, tan, muscles, personality? Well, its time to find out. Hot: Muscles Not: Body Builder Status Girls love built guys. A guy with a nice body shows a girl that he takes care of himself and can take care of her. If he can afford to go the gym all the time, he can afford to pay for a dinner and drinks. Girls don’t like Arnold Schwarzenegger body builder status though. What can you do with a guy that is so buff he can’t even reach his back? Guys, you need to find a middle ground for muscle mass. Definition is exactly what a girl is looking for, not a mass of muscle with a head. Hot:Tans Not:Orange Tans Tans on guys are important. Girls aren’t going to want to talk to the pasty guy chillin at the bar. They’re going to head straight for Mr. Tall, dark and handsome on the beach. Careful not to over tan; there is a huge difference between bronzed skin and red skin. Hot: Tattoos Not: Full Body Tattoos A lot of women like tattoos on guys. And when I say tattoos, I don’t mean two sleeves and a necklace. A few tattoos on your chest or arms is the most attractive. When you’re walking on the beach, the ladies will flock to you and your brand new tattoo. Don’t go crazy and get a bunch of demon monsters inked all over you. Keep it classy. Like anything permanent that you’re putting on your body, make sure it means something and you love it. Hot: SWAG Not: Unconfidence Two guys walk on the beach. One walks with his back straight and head held high. The other slunks along the beach. So, which one of these men would be getting a date? Obviously, the first one. The main difference between both of these men is confidence. Girls want a guy with confidence. A guy with SWAG. Swag is your style. It’s your identity. It’s everything from the clothes you wear, to your personality, to the way you walk. If you have swag, people want to talk to you. When you walk on the beach, you want everyone to turn their head and say “who is that guy?” Every guy has something unique about them that will draw girls in. Whatever it might be, advertise it. Get fit, confident and whatever else you think is going to make you a hit and go for it!