There are plenty of different types of booze in this world, and everyone picks the best fit for them. While it may be the best for you, it doesn’t mean everyone likes it the same. You can tell a lot about a person by the drink in their hand. Next time you’re slamming drinks, look down at yours and remember what yours is saying about you.


You are ready for whatever comes. You are versatile, and are down to party no matter the circumstance. You get invited to every party and get along with others just like you, but you might fight if another species enter your circle. Daytime or nighttime is acceptable for you to be around, and you are universally loved.


WhiskeyYou set out to show everyone who is boss. You are the alpha male, and you want people to let it be known. You can handle anything, and you are sophisticated enough to know when to get rowdy, or when to sit back and relax. Not everyone can handle you, but when they do, it’s the perfect combination. It seems everyone either loves to, or absolutely hates you, there really isn’t too much middle ground with you.


You want people to know you are watching your figure. You incessantly post on social media about health tips, and low calorie snacks. Straight up, nobody likes you besides freshman girls with no money. You need to show up to places with someone that compliments you well in order to be accepted. Some people think you’re easy as water, while others just think you don’t go hard enough.


To you, life’s a beach. You’re most likely always smiling, rocking Bob Marley tunes, and only know a good time. You can’t stand being alone, so you mix well with a lot of other types of people. No matter the group, you can fit in. Day or night, there is a spot for you in the group. You’re the nice guy, and while you may be too sweet for some, others need you to get their energy level up.


TequilaYou are here to get the party started. You don’t get many texts or phone calls during the week, but the weekend shows up and people hit you up to rage. You don’t go out to just have a few drinks. If you’re joining the party, things are getting broken, clothes are coming off, and people’s dinners are ending up in the bushes. You don’t take no for an answer and once you get going, there’s no telling where the night will end up. Can anyone say body shots?


You’re boring and think you’re better than everyone else. You look at everyone else like they are children, and you’re more sophisticated. Half the time even though you think you’re super cool, you’re actually just an impersonation of what you are trying to be. You get invited to plenty of dinner parties, but when it comes time to rage at the bar, you are left behind at home. Your friends turn to you during the week when they don’t need to get too crazy, and confide their secrets in you as you both watch Netflix. Know your place in the world, and don’t try to get too eager to change it.