Book travel plans now

New Year's ResolutionA lot of people throw out, “Travel More”, as a resolution every year. Let’s be serious, who wouldn’t want to travel more? Whether it’s Spring Break 2016, summer vacations, random weekend trips, or dream vacations, traveling is something on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Sure, you can make it a resolution, but what are you doing to accomplish that resolution besides saying it out loud or typing it on social media? A great tip is to book your trips now. You can talk about them all day, but unless you actually put an action behind the words, chances are you won’t hit all of your spots. When it comes down to it, people are wary to book that flight, or that hotel too far in advance. Put it in stone now, and you’ll have to follow through with it. You will thank us. Worried about having to cancel a flight you book 7 months from now? Purchase travel protection for the extra $50 or so, it may be worth it down the road.

Work out in the morning

New Year's ResolutionAnother popular resolution is to get more into the fitness game. Fitness is a huge trend, and for good reason, to look good naked! Seriously though, every year the gyms across the country are packed the first three weeks of the year, with the people that have the right intentions to lose that holiday fat, but are not disciplined to follow through. A great tip to make sure you hit the gym consistently, is to work out in the mornings. Sure, it sucks waking up and telling your body to sweat before you start your day, but it also allows you to not have excuses at the end of the day. Too much homework. Too tired. Happy hour with friends. Work after class. All common reasons to be able to skip your workout. Getting it overwith in the morning eliminates that. Now, we aren’t saying set your alarm at 4am 7 days a week. That is unrealistic and will last about 10 days until you’re super hungover. Shoot for 3 days a week to start, that way, no matter what, you are getting your workout in at least 3 days a week. When your alarm goes off, you just have to think only 3 times and you can sleep the other days. Get out of bed right away as well. The hardest part is the initial wake up. Once you stand up and walk to the kitchen, it isn’t as bad as you think!

Clean out every bad food at home

Going along with the above resolution, eating healthier is a pretty big one. This also takes a lot of discipline, and once again a lot of people fall off the wagon after the first month. The best way to avoid eating bad foods? Don’t have them around your house. As painstaking as it is, throw away any bad foods you have still at home, and then refuse to buy them at the grocery store. After about a month of not buying them, it will literally hurt to watch yourself spend money on that family sized bag of Smartfood. If you really don’t want to throw out all of those delicious satanic snacks, then invite friends over, pound beers, and smash through all of the bad foods in your house together. One night of bad eating isn’t going to kill you, so think of it as the last supper. If you don’t have the unhealthy foods laying around, you won’t be tempted, and it will work well going along with you working out in the mornings.