Beach season is coming up quickly, and being prepared for the 2014 sun is important. For the girls, the two piece bathing suit has been a staple swimwear choice for a long time. Recently however, more women are starting to rock the sexy one piece, and it seems to be coming back in style in a big way. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to wear each one this year:

indexTwo Piece:

More skin:

As the old saying goes, less is more, this can be true for a woman’s bathing suit. If you work hard all year to keep that body tight, and those abs solid, why cover them up with a one piece? This is the chance to show off your body without it being weird, so go for it.

Better Tan:

If you’re wearing a bathing suit, most likely it is hot and sunny out. Perfect time to bronze up that body. With a two piece bikini, it is easier to tan more parts of your body to get that sexy golden color. A one piece hides more tanning space and can give you weird tan lines, where a two piece gives you more normal ones.

More Popular:

Back in the day the one piece was the more popular swimwear choice among women, but now the two piece dominates. Guys want to see that body, and women want to show it off. Wearing a two piece to the beach will allow you to fit in with the others, as opposed to standing out with a one piece.

1516341_f260One Piece:

Leaves more to the imagination:

Sure, showing off all that skin can be sexy, but it also may give away too much. A one piece solves that issue by letting the imagination work it’s wonders by trying to picture what beautiful temple that swimsuit is covering up. It can make a guy go wild.

Conforms to body better:

A two piece can sometimes be too baggy in certain areas or too tight if it does not fit a specific body perfectly. A one piece has less of these issues because a tight one piece will hold everything together and stick to the body better. This allows the curves to be shown off to the fullest, and everything to stay sexy.

Any body type can wear it:

So you had a few too many beers and late night slices at the bar during the off-season. You didn’t hit the gym as hard as you wanted to in order to get that booty you dream of. Well the good news with a one piece is that any body type can wear one and still look good. From the very thin body type to the big boned, just about anyone can rock the one piece in a sexy way. It is all about finding one that fits you great, and shows off your assets.