With the end of summer rapidly approaching, you are going to try to cram everything possible that has a summer feel into these last couple weeks so you don’t miss a thing. The last thing you want is for it to be November and you look back on the summer and wish you had done certain things, or been a bit crazier in certain moments. One of these moments we are talking about is skinny dipping. Skinny dipping in the summer is a great feeling, and usually after a bunch of beers and tequila shots, the crowd is more than willing to partake in. If you feel like wanting to cram in skinny dipping into your busy ‘end of summer’ schedule, here are the do’s and don’ts of it, so you master the art of being naked in water well.


Involve everyone

The more the merrier, and just because someone may not look great naked doesn’t mean they should be left out. It is way worse for them to be sitting off to the side. Make everyone feel comfortable enough and remind them it is just skin. Don’t force anyone to do it, but welcome them with open arms, and not legs.

Maintain eye contact

This is a big one, especially for the people that needed a bit of convincing to get naked. Once in the water, try to interact normally, even though that smokeshow’s cannons are staring you right in the face. If you make anyone feel uncomfortable by ogling them, you will surely blow your chance at a late night hookup. Look at people’s eyes, and certainly don’t laugh at others shortcomings, if you catch our drift.

At nighttime

skinny dipping nightTechnically you can skinny dip at any time, but nighttime seems to be the consensus as the best time to strip down. It is darker, so people may feel more comfortable flaunting their bodies. Also, at night usually means you have been pounding booze, so the drunk level is just right to make everyone think it is a great idea. Plus, nighttime means there are less people around, so if you’re in a public place, less of a chance to get arrested.



This is probably the most important aspect of skinny dipping. There is an unwritten rule that pictures are not to be taken. If you really want to remember what people look like baring all, take mental notes, and store in your brain for later. No need to be that creepy person taking pictures.

Stand on the sidelines

If everyone else is engaging in the dip of the skinny, don’t be the one standing on the sidelines, it’s creepy. If you don’t want to participate in the ocean frolic, that’s fine, but either turn your back, leave, or busy yourself so you’re not just staring.

Steal clothes

eye contactThis is hilarious sounding at the moment, but if it happens to you, it sucks. Remember that. Once finally leaving the water and sobering up a bit, a lot of people realize they really don’t want to be naked after all, and the frantic search for clothes begins. Don’t be the one that stole the clothes, or you can kiss your chances of getting invited again goodbye. Help people find their clothes and make a joke about stealing them, don’t actually do it!