One Night Stand tipsThe one night stand for a single guy is a way of conquering a night out. Most likely it started with your good friends, you got to slam drinks and party, and now you are leaving with someone you can’t wait to bang like a drum. All facets of the night out were covered, and you know you have the go ahead from all parties to have a little nightcap fun. Before you get started, remember these helpful one night stand tips

Go to her place:

Sleep at her placeChances are, your place is disgusting. Like most guys, you had the idea to go out and get laid, but in reality you figured it would just be another night of hammering beers with the boys and ending up alone on your couch at 2am with late night pizza. You don’t want to subject her to your despicable sty you call home. Most girls keep their places nicer than guys, so you are better off. Also, when you want it to end in the morning, or halfway through the night, you can easily leave. You don’t have to worry about the girl staying too long in the morning, or wanting to sleep over, or getting lunch. Plus, this way she doesn’t know where you live, so she can’t just show up at your place like a psycho when you never actually do hit her up again like you promised you would.

Use protection, seriously:

Most likely you brought this broad home from the bar near closing time, and no matter how many times she brings up that she usually doesn’t do this, she is lying. She has probably had more pipe laid through her than underneath a waterpark, and who knows what she is carrying down there. Yes, we all know condoms suck, but it sucks even more when you  wince every time you pee for the next two weeks, or when a phone call pops up 4 months later with bad baby news while your girlfriend is sitting on the couch next to you. Just wrap it up.

Don’t hold back:

fifty shades of greyIn today’s generation, if a girl is down with just meeting you and going home to bang some genitals together, she is looking for a good throttling. Fifty Shades of Grey is something a lot of girls fantasize about, and a one night stand is a perfect time to give it to her. Don’t hold back, if she made it clear she wants to head home with you, she wants it a bit rougher. Give her something to remember, this way you don’t have to worry about her telling your friends you were a starfish in bed. Be adventurous, and don’t be afraid to ask her what she wants. You are both in this one night quest together, so why waste time with trial and error? Just get right to what you both like, and hammer it home. Even though you are probably done after this one night, no better feeling than making a girl want you over and over again when she thinks of sex.

Give her “The Talk”:

If you’re not looking for anything serious after this one night of smashing, be clear about it. You don’t want to come off as too much of a jerk if you lead her on by giving false hope, and if she lives in the same city, word can spread to her friends and that is just killing future possibilities. Let her know after you have given her the ride of her life in a subtle way that although this was fun, you’re calling it a day afterwards. Most likely she will understand, and maybe get one more session in before you part ways. If a booty call buddy is what you’re both looking for, discuss it but again, make it clear.

Gauge the sloppy situation:

Too Drunk GirlSure, drunk sex is an absolute blast. Add in a random broad you just met, and it softens any awkwardness that might come up. Just make sure you’re both drunk, and not blackout drunk, especially her. The last thing you need is to be accused of taking advantage of a girl. If the girl is stumbling and fumbling, don’t be a dick. Put her up on your couch with some water, Advil, and a trash can. Who knows, maybe for some far shot reason she will remember in the morning when she sobers up and appreciate it, and give you some morning fun. Make safe judgements on if you should proceed with the night, and if you’re both too sloppy, make a rain date. Plus, you don’t need someone spilling their night’s worth of drinks on you in the middle of a session!