When you go on Spring Break, you usually want warm weather, a nice beach, good looking people, and plenty of drinks to keep your vision seeing double 24/7. Another huge part of Spring Break is the nightlife. Sure, back on campus you go out every weekend, and slam drinks with your friends, but Spring Break is a time to meet thousands of other people, all wanting to do things they normally wouldn’t, in an atmosphere that is completely different. You can be anyone on Spring Break, and the nightlife brings this out. Most destinations have a pretty bumping nightlife, and Puerto Vallarta is no different. There are some great options to head to at night to get your grind on while double fisting cervezas.


http://theofficialguidetospringbreak.com/If you are a fan of the packed club, you are going to love Mandala. This is the hot spot in Puerto Vallarta, with over 1,200 Spring Breakers heading here nightly to cool their sunburns by throttling delicious cold drinks all night. It is an upscale nightclub with a dance floor that lights up and VIP booths abound, so wear your Spring Break best. It is only a 5 dollar cab right from most hotels, and it is worth it with the laser and light show and plenty of people ready to get down and dirty.


http://theofficialguidetospringbreak.com/Although it is another upscale nightclub, Hilo is known for the girls getting up on the bar and dancing for the crowd making a bit more divey than the rest. You may think you won’t end up there, but after ripping a few tequila shots, you’ll be screaming for someone to pull you up on the bar to shake your goods. With a great sound system and open air dancing, time will fly by while you are here from the amount of fun you have. 1,000 people spread over two floors just screams hookup material, so bring your A game.


http://theofficialguidetospringbreak.com/Xtine is quite the scene. With an indoor/outdoor atmosphere, you don’t have to worry about overheating in this place as you get your party on. The massive backlit bar that stretches to the ceiling shows off the renovations, and they are constantly bringing in top guest DJs to get the crowd moving. Known for its sound system, Xtine brings you just the scene you need for dancing off a day of heavy drinking in the sun. Located within the NH Krystal Hotel property, this is a place to check out if you want a good vibe, with plenty to drink.