Yet another option for Spring Break in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta definitely brings the heat. This is a location that is starting to get busier every year, and students around the country can attest to the fact it is well worth it. The day parties are absolutely insane, with world known DJs performing every day to get those bikini bottoms bouncing. Another location with perfect weather, the beachfront hotels make the all-inclusive experience one to take advantage of. Slamming drinks all day in Mexico is a great way to spend a week off from school, with plenty of other Spring Breakers. If you want other activities to do as well, you are in luck.

Why is Puerto Vallarta a Spring Break hot spot?

Puerto Vallarta Spring BreakSitting right on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic place to spend a Spring Break away from the stressors of classes and studies. With an average daily high of a perfect 86 degrees and a city that has been termed in the past The Friendliest City in the World, this Mexican city is a tropical paradise for those looking to venture south of the border. For students on Spring Break, the area boasts a variety of things to see and do, from swimming to partying.

What is there to do during the day in Puerto Vallarta?

Many the Spring Breakers who venture to the region are content to enjoy the variety of beaches in the area. The beautiful water and pristine beaches make it the perfect area for some sunbathing. Those interested in enjoying the water but want to take a break from the tanning and swimming can venture out on boats for some exploring or fishing or try some snorkeling in the area. If you want to get off the beach for a bit, you will appreciate the various attractions such as Lucy’s Cucu Cabana & Zoo, which offers a variety of fun crafts and exotic items. There are also boardwalks, which are perfect for getting a stunning view. Various sites, such as several churches, historical areas of town, and the various neighborhoods are perfect for strolling around for a relaxing afternoon. There are also places to explore, such as the local botanical gardens.

What is there to do at night in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta Spring Break PartyThere are a variety of clubs and lounges for those in the area to choose from for an exciting night life. Outdoor lounges are popular, and they are perfect for taking advantage of the beautiful weather. There are popular bar crawls regularly hosted in the area, which are perfect for those looking for a chance to explore a large portion of the nightlife options in the area. The choices run from traditional dance clubs to karaoke clubs, which helps to ensure that there is something available for all taste and styles. There are even wine bars for those looking to shy away from the loud music of the clubs and have an enjoyable evening trying different wines with their friends. One unique evening option is to take a delightful dinner cruise and watch a theatrical presentation of Mexican culture while enjoying seafood under the stars. There is something for everyone spending Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta.