Summer Getaway Travel TipsSummer getaways are great things to look forward to during the hot months. Whether it’s a weeklong vacation, or a quick two day weekend, there is plenty of fun to be had. Of course, booking these trips cost money, and why not try to save money in the easy areas? We have three tips to help you keep your wallet fat when booking a summer getaway, so you aren’t completely broke when you return to normal life.

  1. Summer Getaway Tip #1 – Look into renting

    A weekend getaway in a hotel is great, but the prices can add up quickly. Between the room, meals, drinks, and services, your wallet is empty before you know it. The great thing about renting a place from a company or a private owner, is you can really save costs. Sure, you might not get as many perks as a hotel room, but do you really need your towels folded into animal shapes. Renting a condo or a house usually means there is a full kitchen, so you can save money by bringing your own food or buying food at the local grocery store. Also, a lot of condo resorts are just like hotels, except with bigger rooms and more options. Depending on where your weekend getaway is, renting a condo or a house is a great money saving alternative.

  2. Summer Getaway Tip #2 – Drive if you can

    Travel Tips for Cheap Summer GetawaysFlying for vacation can be quicker, but it’s also costly, and can be a hassle. If you don’t mind a little sight seeing, or taking a little longer to get to your destination, a tank of gas split between friends is a heck of a lot cheaper than a few plane tickets. We aren’t saying to drive a 15 hour ride for a weekend getaway as opposed to flying, but if your destination is 7 hours or less by car away, why not load up the car? Not to mention, that once you get to your spot, you’ll have a car there which can really come in handy. You won’t be restricted on where/when you can go places, and you’ll save a ton of money on cab rides.

  3. Summer Getaway Tip #3 – All-inclusive options

    A great debate when booking a vacation is whether to go all-inclusive or not. Not much is better than showing up to your destination, and not having to worry about spending any more money. Knowing you can pop by the bar on the way to the pool to snag a few drinks, or eat as many times a day as possible with no worries is great. All-inclusive resorts are great options for getaways if you’re planning on drinking and eating a ton. They factor everything into the price you’re paying, so know that in order to get your money’s worth, you need to be slamming food and drinks all day. If you’re planning on having more of a relaxing vacation and not throttling beers from sunrise to sunset, you may want to think of skipping the all-inclusive. Also, if you’re a foodie, know that many times all-inclusive resorts don’t necessarily have the most top notch food because they are constantly needing to produce it. We aren’t saying there aren’t great all-inclusive restaurants, but it’s not uncommon for the food to not be as good of quality as a non all-inclusive.

Cheap Summer Getaways

Of course these aren’t the only ways to save money, we could go on for days if we really needed to. But by taking a few small steps like these you can really cut down on costs and turn what would otherwise be an expensive Summer Getaway into an affordable one. What tips do you recommend using to help keep costs down on your summer getaway this year?