Like everything, kissing comes in many different appearances and styles. There are passionate kisses, playful kisses, loving kisses, french kisses, etc. However, all of these options share the same basics. Kissing properly involves so much more than just the act itself. A memorable kiss that invites your partner back has to be in the right place and at the right time. Then you can add personal technique and creativity.

The first step to learning how to be a good kisser is knowing how to set the mood. The easiest way to tell if your partner is feeling the same kissing vibes as you is to watch their body language. If they look stiff or fidgety, they’re probably uncomfortable in the situation and this may not be the right time to embark on your kissing escapades. If your partner is leaning in when they’re talking to you and breaking personal space between you two, go for it. Your partner is also thinking about kissing you and it’s up to one of you to make the first move. (A tip for guys, a lot of girls will not be willing to make the first move.)

The next step is initiating the kiss. Even though you may be nervous, you won’t want your partner to see this. There are several things you can do to show your partner you want to kiss them.  As you are talking to them, make strong eye contact and don’t break it. Move in closer as you keep this gaze. You may also want to make physical contact such as stroking their face or hair. Gently pulling them closer to you is also a do for initiating a kiss.

The final step is the kiss. The basics that you need for any kiss is to read your partner. As your faces get closer, tilt your head to one side to avoid bumping your partners nose. Keep your mouth slightly open to fit your partners lips. Don’t open too wide or you will most likely smack teeth. As you kiss your partner, continue to pay attention to their body language and move with their rhythm.


Here are some extra tips to remember when kissing…

  • Keep your lips moist
  • Close your eyes. It can be awkward staring while kissing.
  • Don’t drown your partner in saliva
  • Keep fresh breath at all times
  • Don’t jump right in with the tongue twisting moves, keep the rhythm slow and steady
  • Relax