Flying for vacation is exciting, but the process can still suck. Sure, you are excited about getting to where you want to go, but waiting in security, the minimal reclining seats, and the squished coach class on the plane can make the process miserable. As you file into the metal tube of an airplane, you stare enviously at the people in first class already sipping their whiskey in their big comfy chairs. This could be you easier than you might think. Here are five ways to upgrade your flight for free.

Fly First Class


Seems so simple, and so obvious, but you’d be shocked at how easy this is and how little it gets used. You might think that there is no chance a free upgrade is available just by asking, but the thing is, everyone thinks like that so not many people actually end up asking. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Big deal, and you go on your merry way. Asking can go a long way when it comes to an upgrade, and don’t forget to throw in a “Please” and a smile.

Get to the airport early

Fly First ClassYes, waiting around at the airport for hours before your flight can be dreadful with boringness. There isn’t much to do besides eat, drink, or play on your phone. This could have a huge effect on your chances of getting your flight upgraded for free though. Arriving early, and being one of the first people to check into your flight allows you to beat all the other people just like you that are considering asking the agent about upgrades.

Dress nicely

Believe it or not, wearing your old flip flops and oversized t-shirt is not the way to work your way into first class. Dressing nicely isn’t a surefire way to get bumped up, but it absolutely won’t hurt. Dressing nicely implies that you are important, or have somewhere important to be. Plus, the airline doesn’t mind having nicely dressed people in the classy part of the plane. First class is the face of the plane as people walk in, so they want it presentable.

Showing up late

We know, we told you earlier to get to the airport early for your chance at first class. Well, the opposite can actually help your cause too. Sometimes when the flight already has people checked in, and you are one of the last ones, some open seats may be left available. This can include first class, and this can include you slamming champagne at the front of the plane in a comfy chair. If your coach seat was given away because you were so late, the airline has no choice but to find you a seat, and it just may happen to be in first class.

Travel during off hours

flight upgradeTraveling during the busiest times is pretty obvious that it will be harder to gain an upgraded flight, but some hours are better than others. Banking holidays are a great example, as well as flying in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. Chances are these flights will be a bit less crowded, which increases the potential to fly like a celebrity. Not only that, but traveling during these times is also cheaper, so you can fly first class for the price of your discounted coach ticket.