Memorial Day Weekend is coming up in a few days, and it seems every year this holiday creeps up on us. It is one of the more fun holidays, ushering in summer, especially for those of us that live in the colder areas of the country. This is a holiday to spend outside, having cookouts and playing drinking games in the sun. Slamming beers is a must on this holiday, and it’s the perfect send off of May. There are a ton of places you can head to for Memorial Day, but chances are you are scrambling last minute to figure out plans. Here are 4 last minute Memorial Day Weekend getaways that won’t demolish your wallet.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle BeachNothing screams Memorial Day Weekend like planting your behind on the beach in the sun, tossing back a few cold ones. This is Myrtle Beach through and through. Hotel prices are bit down this year from last, and there are more than enough hotels here to choose from. This is also party central. Myrtle Beach is a huge Spring Break destination, and Memorial Day Weekend here is only a bit tamer. There are more than enough bars and clubs to keep the party going all night that started on the beach. So pack a cooler and your flip flops and head to Myrtle Beach.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas Pool PartyLas Vegas is always a great last minute option for a destination. Sin City always has hotel rooms available at affordable rates, and Memorial Day Weekend is one of the best to head there. Vegas is known for its pool parties, and Memorial Day Weekend is the weekend that kicks them off big time. Sure, the pools have been having parties before this weekend, but this is the official entrance to the summer season, so know that they go all out. Factor in the thousands of other people in the same mindset as you, and you are in for a heck of a weekend. Stick to the brunch buffets for cost effective food to pack in your gut and last the entire day.

Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee might not seem like the top choice for a weekend getaway, but it has a ton to offer. With a nightlife that offers more bars than you can count, as well as free cover just about everywhere, you can certainly save on pounding shots of whiskey and dancing. During the day there are a ton of free historic sites to see, as this place is rich with country music heritage. Plus, what can be more American for Memorial Day Weekend than crushing American brews and jamming out to American country music. The weather is also typically beautiful this time of year as well, so make sure you are ready to get some sun.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale PartyScottsdale is called the South Beach of the Southwest, and for good reason too. With the countless hotels, and chic nightlife, this place is a desert paradise any time of year. With seemingly every day filled with sunshine, you don’t have to worry about the potential of bad weather. Not to mention with the immense competition among resorts, you’ll be able to find a cheap one pretty easily. Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time of year to head to Scottsdale, before the heat ramps up. Oh, and it seems that just about every person you see is better looking than the last. Pool parties are banging everywhere, and with ASU right down the street, you know this city knows how to rage.