So you just graduated from the best four, maybe five years of your life. Every weekday was filled with skipping class, pounding dining hall food, recovering from the weekend, and day beers. Oh day beers. People told you it would be the best years of your life, and they were completely right. You didn’t think college would ever end, but sadly it has. You are probably in a bit of a depressed state, not wanting to enter the real world just yet. Well, there is good news, you have one last summer with plenty of options to help you get through these post-graduation blues. Here are five of the best things you can do with a bang before you enter the real world.

Summer party

Have a Fourth of July blowout

The Fourth of July is without a doubt the best holiday during the summer months. What is better than smashing American beers while pounding grilled food and rocking a flag bandana all weekend? Start planning what you and your lazy friends will do for the weekend, because you know none of them will plan for it, or next thing you know you’ll end up at someone’s parents’ barbeque talking to their uncle about mortgage loans. Don’t let this be you. Find a house somewhere to rent, a hotel on the beach, or plan a cookout with all of your friends at your spot. Do not let this holiday go to waste this year. This could be your biggest one yet.

Travel for the summer

Summer TravelThis tip is the one you hear about most as advice given to college graduates. Travel as much as you can for as long as your can. Find yourself. Take a gap year. Forget all of that, and just travel. Rage in foreign countries with people you’ll never see again. Sleep with a diverse and cultured crowd that have sex from different angles than your used to because they are from Europe. See sites that you’d never see again, and make the most of it. It’s not like when you’re 40 years old and married with 3 kids you can just up and leave for 3 months to travel across southeast Asia. Now is the time, and soon enough you will have forgotten how depressed you are about being a graduate.

Rent a beach house for the summer

This is one way to have an epic summer before it hits you that school is over. As they did in the American Pie movies, renting a house on a beach or a lake for the summer with your friends will easily turn into the best 3 months of your life. Convince 3 or 4 of your other friends to chip in, and you can actually make it pretty cheap. Spend the days on the beach, the nights on the beach, the weekends on the beach, all with beers in your hands. Have all of your other friends down to your house every weekend for bashes, and make friends with other people renting nearby houses for the summer. Spend every last dollar you have on beers, boats, and bashes all summer long.

Have a summer fling

Summer flingHow do you get over any depressing moment in your life? Have sex. It takes your mind off what’s bugging you for the moment, and it’s a great way to have fun. Now, parlay this into an entire summer with someone that you know won’t want anything more besides tan, summer sex. This can make for a heck of a summer, and gives you something to look back on. Go into it knowing that all it’s going to be is a fling for a few months, and you’re golden. Plus, you can hook your friends up with their friends and have a summer of everyone partying and hooking up after days on the beach.

Start planning homecoming

It may seem far away, but homecoming comes up quicker than you think. You have probably raged the last few year’s at your school’s homecoming weekend, but the first homecoming after you have graduated is ridiculously intense. By this time, you won’t have seen some people for a few months, and it’s a reunion where everyone actually wants to see each other. Make sure you nail it by planning out how long you will be staying for, who is definitely going to be going, and where you should all crash at night. Getting excited about already being back at your school has never felt so good.