So you graduated college, and as bad as it sucked knowing the best years of your life are in the rearview, your graduation party was banging. Oh, not to mention the sweet side perk of graduation of getting presents. Most likely you got a bit of cash as gifts, and you might be wondering what to do with that kind of money. Sure, you could be a boring adult and put it in savings, or you can have some fun. We have some ideas for the latter option.

Blow out party

Blow out Party

You have seen the movies such as Project X, where friends go all out and throw the biggest rager possible. Now it’s your turn. Take all that money, spend a month, and plan the most epic summer party imaginable. It works even better if you can convince a friend or two to help pitch in their money as well. We are talking kegs on kegs on kegs, slip and slides, live music, tiki bars etc. Don’t hold back on this one. This is something to let everyone remember you by. Imagine the amount of booze you can buy for your party with graduation type money.


Out of any option, this might be the most popular, and the most fun, for good reason too. Traveling after you graduate is the perfect time in your life to explore new places, as you have been told many times in your life. As cliche as it may be, it’s the truth. Take a few months and travel with all that money. Depending on where you go, it can go a long way. Whether it’s heading over to southeast Asia to rage in Bangkok, hitting the bars for Oktoberfest in Germany, or taking a road trip across the good ol’ U S of A, there are plenty of options available to you with the kind of money that graduation brings in. Grab a friend and strap on the backpacks and get adventuring across the globe. This isn’t something you can do at too many points in your life, take advantage of it.

Work wardrobe

Work WardrobeSure, it isn’t as crazy fun as some of these other ideas, but it is an important aspect of life after college. You have bought clothes your entire life, but now that you are looking for a professional job, chances are you are limited in professional attire. You will realize the shock of how expensive these clothes are as soon as you hit the nearest store, so utilizing your graduation money to stock your wardrobe will go a long way, and save a lot of money out of your own pocket. For guys, suits, shoes, and dress shirts add up quickly, not to mention the array of ties you will need. For the girls, obviously shoes don’t come cheap, and we all know how many outfits a girl needs, nevermind in the workplace. This is a smart way to spend your dough.

Move somewhere new

Although this kind of goes along with traveling, it differs slightly. Moving is a scary step, and can cost a bunch of money, which holds many people back. ┬áThe money that you get for graduation can go a long way towards moving costs, deposits on a new apartment, and even a couple months of living in your new city before you are forced to be a slave to the working world. There are plenty of affordable cities for college graduates to head to. Whether it’s Austin, Phoenix, Denver, or wherever, you will find fun, and plenty of people just like yourself that took a leap and moved somewhere new. If you’re bold, and really hit the jackpot with graduation, head to the fun and expensive┬ácities like San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.