When you travel the globe, as much as you want to push it out of your mind, money is always a factor. Whether you’re partying, eating, sightseeing, lodging, it all comes into play. One of the easiest ways to cut down on costs when traveling, is through lodging. Instead of hitting up every fancy 5 star hotel in every country, hostels are an alternative. Sure, in some cities hostels can be seen as grimy, gross or unsafe, but it’s all about doing your research. There are plenty of hostels in every country that offer everything you could want in travel housing. Hostels are not only a cheaper alternative, but they also offer something most hotels don’t, community. With the community aspect, everyone becomes friends, and next thing you know you’re all raging together. With that, here are some of the biggest party hostels in the world.

The Brewery Hostel, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin HostelSitting right next to the Guiness Storehouse, this hostel is known for the good beer and the good times. With perfect access to plenty of pubs, and the people that stay here in the same mindset, it’s safe to say you won’t be short on brews. They even offer a BBQ area that you can grill up some meats to fill your gut before a long pub crawl.

The Grandio Party Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

This name says it all, party. You want to shack up with tons of other people that want to rage the entire time? This is your spot. This place is basically like Spring Break in Europe. With free pub crawls and 24 hour drink selections, this hostel will crush any competition in the party category. They have a beer vending machine on site, and prepare for Sunday, which is beer olympics day. View Website.

The Wine Hostel, Porto, Portugal

Wine HostelLove slamming wine? Love others that slam wine? Then when you’re in Portugal make sure you stop by this hostel. This is their specialty, as the name implies. Every room is painted a different color, which adds to the wine theme. Did we mention they have a shots night? That’s right, not everything is wine 24/7. Get ready to get cozy with a glass of wine here, and end up in another room than you started.

Acqua Lounge, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Top Party HostelA hostel in a tropical paradise that is built on top of the water is a recipe for a bash. Every single Sunday is drinking game day, so shine your shoes accordingly. With ridiculously low drink prices that they offer, it’s hard to not just hang out here all day and slam drinks with your new friends while checking out the water. They also offer theme parties to make sure you become friends with everyone you’re staying with.

The Yak Hostel, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

No party list would be complete without something mentioning Mexico, so here we are. Playa del Carmen is known as one of the party capitals of Mexico, so you can only imagine what the hostel here is like. People from all over the world flock to this hostel for the cheap stay, and the unreal party memories. With live concerts being hosted here, there is never a shortage of a good time. Picture Spring Break all year long.