With Coachella coming up the next couple weekends, people are starting to frantically pack for a weekend of raging with awesome music in the California sun. If you don’t know what Coachella is, or have never heard of it, than you are a sad individual and deserve to live in northern Canada. Google it if you don’t know, and you are sure to want to go next year. Anyways, packing for Coachella can be a headache, making sure you have all the fashionable yet hippy clothes, and gear you need. Add in the fact that they banned the selfie-stick this year for some ridiculous reason, and you may be lost on what to pack. Well, no fear, we have four items to pack to make sure you will still make it through the weekend without the selfie-stick.

Coachella Dancing

Portable phone charger

Although the festival is all about the experience, and as much as we want to believe you will enjoy it for just that, we are realistic. You will be spending a good amount of time on your phone. Whether it’s for taking pictures, texting your friends at the festival, updating statuses, or Instagramming your awesome festival outfit, the battery will be drained. There are phone charging stations set up throughout the grounds, but you think you will be the only one needing the juice? Instead of wasting an hour of your rage time sitting by the charging station every day, invest in a portable phone charger that you can use when you want, and where you want. Your followers will thank you.


Hot CaliforniaIt’s California, it’s April, it could easily be a bit warm out there. Bringing a good cooler is imperative. Whether it’s for cold water, the beer, or just packing ice in there, you will get full use out of it. Coolers are also a great place to pack the jello shots. Keeping the body temperature down and staying hydrated is important, and a cooler at Coachella will absolutely get its use. Don’t be cheap and get the crumbling styrofoam one for 2 bucks. Spend the money on a good one, and even split it with friends.


Yes, this may seem obvious. You are in the California sun all day and sunglasses are important. The thing is, most people bring only one pair. What do you think happens when you’re hammered all day and your $150 RayBans fall off your head in a crowd of people while raging? That’s right, long gone. Buy a few cheap pairs of sunglasses before you head out so you are covered in case of any mishaps. You don’t need your corneas getting destroyed by the sun before the final day of Coachella.


California NightIt gets hot in California during the day in the summer. Add in the thousands of bodies at Coachella and you are talking about a sweatfest. Remember though, you are still in the desert, and it’s not like it’s the middle of the summer out there. By nighttime, temperatures can drastically drop, and you don’t want to be shivering and shaking instead of enjoying the evening shows. If you’re a guy, bring an extra couple sweatshirts. It might be the easiest pickup in the world at Coachella to offer a sweatshirt to a girl your talking to as the sun goes down. Just don’t expect to ever see it again, so bring a few you don’t care much about as backups.