Body Shots


Wake up in your hotel room in a fogged state to music blasting down on the beach. Looking to your left is some smokeshow you must have bagged last night. Roommates are nowhere to be found. The girl rolls over and gives you a quick kiss, grabs her things, and leaves without saying a word.


BreakfastFinally stroll down to the breakfast buffet while enjoying the sunshine and scoping out the scene for the day. The vibe is clearing your hangover already, and you spot your friends already have a table and are crushing food and swapping war stories.


Head back to the hotel room to prep for the day, and get your drinking face on. Rip a few shots with the buddies and head down to the pool and beach area, stopping by the bar for a frozen drink.


After ripping a few more shots, you mingle in the pool while the DJ blares music. Girls sitting on the side of the pool start laying down to do body shots. You are all in.


Feeling that good buzz, with a solid base tan, and a few new friendly faces you met, you and your buds decide to head down to the beach to see what the MC is hyping the crowd up about.


A wet t-shirt contest is about to happen on stage, and one of the girls you sucked a body shot off of at the pool is second up. Your friends and her friends position yourselves at the front of the stage to watch her take home the title.


After dancing for the last hour on the beach, you tell the girls everyone needs a breather, and some drinks. On your way over to the bar to grab a round with your boys, you run into a club promoter that gives you 15 free passes to the hottest club that night. Score.


You’re pretty sure you can’t feel your face at this point from all the booze and sunburn combination you have going on, but nothing is going to stop you from fist pumping to every single song by the pool


hook upYou and your friends decide it’s time to take a breather from the pool scene, so you head back to the room, with the body shot girls in tow. Once you get to the room, the girls just want to rip shots, and get frisky. You smash one of them in the bathroom while everyone is partying in the room.


After some intense “dancing” in the room, the girls say they need to shower and eat to get ready for the night, so they head out. You tell them you will stop by their room to invite them to the club with some of your free passes. You obviously won’t.


You and your friends head to dinner, and happen to sit next to another group of guys and girls that have the same mindset as you, rage on. You decide to give them half of your passes for that night, and tell them to pregame at your room.


Everyone is pregaming hard at the room. Your hotel room phone keeps ringing and it’s the girls from earlier wanting to know the plan. Sorry toots, you were that afternoon’s flavor.


Joe pukes in the bathroom sink after ripping his 9th shot that hour. He hasn’t even put his shoes on for the night.


Everyone finally decides to head to the club, and half the group can barely stand. ‘


While only half of the group actually made it into the club, as long as you’re in, you don’t care. As soon as you walk in, Paul takes off his shirt and immediately gets asked to leave. Oh well, another one bites the dust.


Everything is starting to become a blur, because of the sheer lack of water combined with cheap beer after cheap beer. But it seems like every girl is wanting in your pants. You and your friends mingle with this insane group of girls that keep dumping out the twins. Jackpot.


You see yet another friend getting carried throughout the club from being passed out in the bathroom- more clam for you. You somehow get into the VIP area with the group of girls you are with, and everyone is dancing on everyone.


CLubTwo of the girls tell you that you’re insanely hot, and they have never had a threesome, but always wanted to try. Your hammered eyes open wide for the first time in 4 hours. Game on. You make out with both of them, then suggest you head home.


You pray to god the building you are walking into is your hotel, but you can’t be sure since your brain is mashed potatoes from the binge you have been on. The girls tell you they want to jump in the pool. Skinny dipping commences.


After hooking up with both of them and consummating the drunken threesome in your room, they tell you they are going to head back to their hotel. Score one for you, no need to cuddle.


Finally pass out, and gear up for the exact same scenario the next day.