Valentine’s Day sucks for a guy. It is overrated, and guys are expected to go to the end of the earth to prove to their girl that they are worthy. If you really want to take Valentine’s Day for what it’s worth, then both sides should equally express their affection for each other on this day, not just the guy. But that’s an argument for another day. Now, your girl is going to want to do something involving both of you. To ensure you actually get some enjoyment out of this miserable day, use this step by step guide, and we promise it will be the best Valentine’s Day you’ve had to date.

Valentine's Day Sex

Give her a gift card for a morning at the spa

You’ll appreciate this later. Send her out in the morning to get herself all sexy and smooth. She will love the thought, and you both will benefit from this. Every girl loves being made to feel beautiful, so might as well tailor to that.

Hit up a sex toy store with plenty to spend

Sex ToyWhen she gets home, surprise her with a trip with the both of you to the sex toy store. Don’t be afraid to spend some money either. Anything that looks like it could be fun for you two, buy. Don’t be shy either, this is both of your chance to really let loose on some fantasies. We are talking some tie up materials, some spanking items, blindfolds, vibrators, whatever gets the juices flowing if you catch our drift. Watch your girl and see where her eyes light up. When they do while looking at something, grab it off the shelf and buy it.

Cook a late lunch/early dinner together

Nothing screams romance like food and drinks, and cooking together will really show your soft side to her. Eat well, because you’re going to need the energy to last throughout the rest of the day and night. Smash out a couple bottles of wine, and get a good buzz going as well. Don’t worry about the later dinner, you are going to need some time this evening for other activities.

Take her to an early showing of 50 Shades of Grey

The big thing this Valentine’s Day is the new 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out. Now, we aren’t going to sit here and describe what it’s about, because we are sure you already know. Let’s just say that it is the greatest gift to guys because it let girls know that it’s okay to be a bit wild in the sack. Again, you want to go to an early showing so there is plenty of time after the movie for fun stuff. Sure, you might be stuck in a theater with a bunch of single wildebeests that couldn’t find their own Valentine’s Day charm, but after you leave the theater you’ll thank us.

Grab a quick drink at the bar

At this point your girl is literally going to be begging you to go home but make her wait just a bit. The anticipation will make her shake. Head to a bar close by your place, and grab a quick drink or two, while talking about the movie. Let her tell you exactly what she wants you to do to her as you keep the buzz going. When she can’t take it anymore, grab a cab and head home.

Take her home and lock the door behind you

SexRemember the sex toy store experience from earlier in the day? You’re welcome. By this point your girl is going to want to use everything at once, especially the things she saw in the movie. This in theory should be some of the most unreal banging of your life. Lock the door as soon as you walk in, and go to town.