Spring Break is flying up fast, and bringing the right supplies is important. Forgetting an item or two might not ruin your trip, depending on what that item is. These 6 items are imperative to a successful Spring Break, so as long as you bring these, everything else can work itself out.

Extra Flip Flops

You will need these. You will break or lose a pair of flip flops within the first 2 days of your Spring Break shenanigans. Don’t go wasting money on nice flip flops, because the amount of scum these things are going to pick up, and the chances you lose even the second pair, are high.


Spring Break Packing

Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl, a guy, have a significant other, or what, bring condoms. You never know who will end up in your bed on Spring Break, and even if you have a partner, maybe this is the chance you bring a third into the mix. This is what Spring Break is all about. Plus, if you do end up with that nameless stranger from the pool bar, do you really want the memories on your genitals two weeks later because you didn’t wrap it up? Didn’t think so.


Spring Break Packing

Chances are you are going to be too sloshed to remember to put on sunblock during Spring Break, but all that matters is the first two days. Just try your hardest to put it on the first two days so you don’t end up with a purple tinge to your skin and in surreal pain. Make sure you get that base tan going, then after the first couple days if you forget to slather the white goodness on, you may make out okay. Remember to bring the block, or you will regret it once you hit your sunny destination.


Sure, you are going to be surrounded by loud music, amazing DJs and various artists throughout your Spring Break 2015 vacation, so speakers might seem silly. What isn’t silly though is having the best room in the hotel to pregame in. Once you set up your speakers and rage beats while getting ready, people will flock to your room. Oh, and this means those sorority sisters from down the hall. Everyone loves the “go to” guy, and this will absolutely make you a few new friends for the week.

Three Bathing Suits

Spring Break Packing

Between losing them, ripping them, leaving them in a girl’s room, and staining them, you will fly through swim trunks on Spring Break. Bring multiples, because you certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on a new one at the hotel’s gift shop. Like the flip flops, buy a couple cheap ones before you leave. Trust us, people don’t care as much as you think about your bathing suit style. Plus, they all look like the same crumpled cloth on that smokeshow’s hotel room floor!

Emergency Credit Card

Money is important for Spring Break. Bringing emergency money is imperative for the things you don’t think about, such as getting too drunk and getting arrested in Cancun, or spending way too much on those girls at the bar that you have literally zero chance with. The last thing you want is there to still be a couple days of your glorious vacation, and you have no money left. Nobody likes the poor mooch on Spring Break, and it can absolutely ruin your vacation. Also, what happens if you snap your leg in Punta Cana from trying to jump into the shallow end of the pool while hammered? Exactly, emergencies happen, and having the money is important.