With so much to do on Spring Break, one can sometimes forget to enjoy the reasons you actually went. It may seem like common sense, but these 4 things to do on Spring Break should not be overlooked by any means, and taken advantage of to the fullest. Spring Break comes once a year, might as well dominate the hell out of it.

Party Hard

Beach PartyThis goes without saying, but partying hard is the main reason people these days go on Spring Break. The popular Spring Break destinations cater to this, and they give you every avenue to party hard. When else can you rage your face off in nice weather for a week, on a beach, with thousands of your friends, and not a thing to worry about? Whether you are in an all-inclusive resort or not, slam those drinks down because they are there for that reason. Drink all day by water with some music, and continue the night dancing and ripping shots at the bars and clubs. After 6 or 7 days of this you are ready to go home, so pack it in.

Hook Up

Beach Bear BabesSure, it may be true that not everyone goes on Spring Break to hook up, but it would be a lie to say a LOT of people don’t look forward to it. It is a time where you can be anyone you want, and a lot less judgement is passed because it is almost expected. There are plenty of hot bodies on Spring Break waiting to be drunkenly explored, so get out there and have some fun. Plus, you will most likely never see the person again, so you don’t have to worry about any embarrassments.

Enjoy The Weather

Wet Shirt on the BeachWhether you are in a warm weather Spring Break spot, or a cold whether one, the fact is you picked where you wanted to go, so you knew what to expect. This means you should enjoy the weather that you came for. If it is tanning on a beach somewhere, soak in every minute before you head back to your cold campus until summer. If you are tearing up the ski slopes, enjoy the beautiful snow and views. Let’s face it, you go on Spring Break to experience something different than what you are used to, so you might as well take advantage of it and enjoy every moment.

Meet People

Most everyone on Spring Break is in the same boat, sometimes literally. Sure, they may have come with a few friends, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t more than willing to meet people. Everyone is there for a good time, and generally if you are down to party and not overly obnoxious, people are going to want to join you. Why not meet some new best friends for the week to rage with and chase after tail? It’s true you will not probably continue to be friends with them, but for that one week, meeting as many new and interesting people as possible can make for a heck of an experience.