One of the most popular music festivals among the regular people and celebrities is approaching this weekend and next weekend, Coachella. Checking out your favorite bands in California for a weekend of ridiculous partying is ideal situation for most people. The hot sun brings out the inner freak in just about everyone, and if you’re not prepared for this festival in the desert, it can quickly get ruined. Here are 10 tips to keep you alive during this insane weekend and make sure you have the best stories to tell when you get back.

Sun block

Although it gets very cool at night, the desert certainly heats up during the day. It may not seem hot at times, but the California sun is extremely strong, and if you are not prepared you will spend the weekend in your tent in a tub of aloe. Bring sunblock and use it.
Have a physical meeting spot for you and your friends

Since the cell phone reception at Coachella can suck, have a designated spot that if you and your friends every get separated, you know you can head there to meet back up. This is worth figuring out because it is near impossible to go an entire weekend without losing your friends at some point.

Water is the most important Coachella tip! Many newbies are so pumped to be here and party all weekend they forget to chug a good old fashioned bottle of water. Slamming beers all day and mixing in that desert sun and drugs if you partake is a recipe for dehydration which can ruin your weekend really fast. Mix in water every hour or two to stay hydrated.

Beware the beer garden

Sure, beers are a great option to slam especially during an amazing music festival. Paying 8 bucks a brew however, is not ideal. Keep your wallet fat by drinking your own supply and getting nice and lubed up before hitting the festival grounds. The beer garden can get pricey quick, and you’re better off waiting until the sun goes down to get hammered.

Don’t buy or sell drugs from/to strangers – will be plenty of drugs going around at Coachella, and that is normal to see. If you wish to partake, bring your own supply. There are a ton of undercover cops roaming around just waiting for someone to offer them drugs or ask them if they have any to sell. Don’t ruin your weekend by being dumb and asking a random person about the drug scene.

Remember it takes time to get from stage to stage –

This place is pretty dang big, and if there is a certain band or artist you really want to see, plan on it. Combined with there being a ton of people walking around, it can take a while to get from stage to stage.


Music festival, booze, drugs, young people and good vibes. Enough said.

Save your cell phone battery

Nothing worse than losing your friends and having a dead cell phone. You’re at a music festival, enjoy it and get off Snapchat and Facebook for a bit and save your power. There are no charging stations in the festival grounds, only the campgrounds, so keep that in mind.

Bring a positive attitude goes to Coachella to have a good time watching and listening to their favorite bands, not being grumpy. Don’t be the debbie downer and just have a good time and spread the good vibes.

Comfortable shoes and clothes

You will be standing and walking. A lot. We are talking 12 hours a day, so plan for this. Also, many people forget that they are in the desert and it gets cold at night. Bring warm clothes even though it feels like 8 thousand degrees during the day.