You just got back from Spring Break, and maybe your beach body wasn’t as on point at you had hoped. With Summer coming up quick, that means bathing suit time is approaching, and there is no stopping it. There are still a couple months to work your body into prime shape, and now is the perfect time to start. Just think, in 8 weeks when June rolls around, jaws will be slamming through the sand once you strip down to that bathing suit. Hit up these 3 fun fitness activities to blast your body in mythical status.

Hiking: is in the air, and with the warmer weather coming, hitting up some outdoor fitness is a great way to have fun while sculpting that body. Hiking is great because since you can choose the difficulty of a hike, anyone can enjoy it. Hiking is great for blasting your legs and booty, so you can fill out that bikini bottom during the summer. Guy or girl, who doesn’t want toned legs and butt? The incline of hiking really hits your quads hard, and the constant stepping up forces your glutes to be worked to the max. Kick it up a notch by running up the hill for 30 seconds at a time. Also, the balance needed to hit the tricky parts of a hike is great for the abs as well.

Cycling: great activity for your legs and buns, cycling is not for the faint hearted. You can join a spinning class at a gym, where the trainers are sure to push you to the limits, or you can take the ol’ two wheeler to the great outdoors and hit up a bike ride. The advantages of going outside are being able to set your own pace, enjoy the weather, and enjoy scenery all while giving your entire body a great workout. The constant pushing down on the pedals will force your buns to work hard and tighten up, and the calves and quads get a great burn as well. Get up in the morning and go for a nice bike ride where at the end you reward yourself by hitting a great breakfast spot for some egg whites and OJ. Remember, Summer is coming, and it will be worth the hard work. Suns out, Buns out!

Weight Training: never fail method of getting your body back in shape is tossing some iron around in the gym. Weight lifting for women is starting to become more popular, and for good reason, it works. Instagram has been blowing up with the fitness craze, and a lot of it involves weights. You can hit your arms, sculpt your shoulders and back, and certainly get a great ab workout in at the gym along with your legs. You can make it fun by engaging in circuit training, or working out with a friend to push each other. Just keep in mind that you have a bathing suit the world needs to see, Skies out, Thighs out!