Why Daytona Beach, Florida?

daytona beach spring breakWhen people hear Daytona Beach, Florida, car racing typically is the first thought that comes to mind. For the student crowd, however, the area can also be a partying hot spot for Spring Break. Daytona Beach actually has a wide range of things to do and see in addition to a fun nightlife that should offer something to do for everyone, no matter what their vacation style. From swimming to restaurants to beaches and clubs, there will be something to do for nearly anyone that needs a break from school. What is there to do during the day?

Things To Do During Daytona Beach Spring Break

Those who are not interested in checking out the local speedway will still find plenty of things to do. Most people love the beaches for lounging about getting some sun tan, and there are plenty of beaches to find in the area. Those looking for some scenic views, or a bit of romance, can check out the local lighthouse. Those looking for some old fashioned fun can also check out the boardwalk and pier with a variety of shops, arcades, and amusement park rides for an afternoon that will not be easily forgotten. You can also look into venturing out on the water with a boat rental or other water sports for some relaxing tanning or just to try something new.

The Nightlife of Daytona Beach

When it comes to partying in Daytona Beach, Spring Breakers will not be left wanting. The area is home to a variety of bars and clubs that fit just about any taste in music and entertainment. There are comedy clubs as well as old fashioned bars and clubs playing the latest hits for those looking to dance the night away. Those who enjoy hookah will also appreciate the local hookah joints as well. The various popular nightlife places tend to be largely concentrated near the ocean, making it a fantastic place to enjoy the ocean breeze while also having some drinks and listening to music with friends. Students from across the country who are looking for a relaxing break from their studies and to forget the stress of school can head out to Daytona Beach on Spring Break for some fantastic entertainment.