After a long week of classes, drinking is in order. Drinking is a ritual that no one dishonors, and getting sloshed is just a way of life. The one struggle many of us run into though, is being able to support our Friday nights with enough loot. Getting drunk can get expensive fast, so any way to lower the cost is something everybody can gain interest in. For your ease, here are the 5 cheapest alcohols to get your fill of, and still keep your wallet fatter than you on the couch after the dining hall Thanksgiving dinner.

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Cheapest on the list is Bowman’s Vodka. Coming in at 40% alcohol, it may seem pretty standard, but the cost of around $9 for a 1.75 liter bottle make it something everybody can pass around for cheap.

Royal Gate Vodka comes in next, with the same amount of alcohol and only a dollar more expensive at $10.


Franzia Shiraz Wine is a great option for all you wine lovers, and penny pinchers. At only 10 bucks for a 5 liter box of wine goodness, the 13% alcohol makes you a bit loopy for extremely cheap.

At $11 dollars for a 1.75 liter bottle of fun juice, Popov Vodka is another vodka alternative to make your bank account a bit happier.

Finally Franzia comes to the rescue with yet another wine, Cabernet Sauvingon. At $10 dollars for a 5 liter box, this wine option with 12% alcohol is a boozefest waiting to happen.