spring break drinksSpring Break and alcohol: a perfect combination.  When you’re getting your drink on at a bar, the normal thing to do is to order your favorite drink. But when you’re maxing and relaxing at one of the many Spring Break bars why not try something new?

Now, if you’re a guy, some of these tropical drinks may seem a bit “girly,” but c’mon, any alcohol enthusiast knows that if you drink anything through a straw long enough, you’re catching a buzz – it doesn’t matter if it’s Tickle Pink flavored Boone’s Farm.

So, instead of just ordering the most powerful drinks that will more quickly get you to that sweet state of inebriation, consider trying something new. Bartenders and alcoholic mad scientists have created some of the most miraculous drinks that will not only titillate and manipulate the taste buds, but also get one completely smashed.  Below is a list of some of the latest in alcoholic concoctions you should try at one of the many Spring Break bars. But, if you want to stick to your favorite classic drinks, go for it, also included is a list of classic drink recipes… Salud!