With so many summer festivals and events to attend, it is easy to skip over one or two, even if they are some of the larger ones. One that is huge that is coming up at the end of August is the infamous Burning Man. This takes place in The Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada every year from the last Monday in August to the first Monday in September. This year, upwards of 70,000 people are set to rage for a week.


Burning man is an experience unlike any other. It is said to be an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. Started in 1986, the event has steadily grown every year, with the trademark giant burning man on Saturday night. The crowd parties into the night as the large wooden man burns furiously. The size has grown over the years, from 8 feet, to the highest at 104 feet tall. This is seen as an art event, with things such as “mutant vehicles” making an appearance. These are cars or trucks modified to reflect the creativity of the owner.


Set in such a remote location, the festival goes off of the leave no trace policy, so when everyone leaves after a week, it is as though no one was ever there. With such a large camping party, there are plenty of people to meet, share a beer with, and express yourself freely with no judgment. This festival is meant for all walks of life to come, and they sure do binge party for a week straight in the desert. If you like tens of thousands of likeminded people expressing themselves, Burning Man is something you need to put on your bucket list and are not going to want to miss.