Lake Havasu, Arizona - Spring BreakUntil you get to Lake Havasu, Arizona, it can be difficult to realize the magnetism of this small, big party town. Overflowing with sun, fun, bikinis and martinis, Lake Havasu is quite a treasure to be discovered.  With calm waters and a gorgeous waterfront it is a welcome oasis in the desert as the 45-mile long Lake Havasu beckons boaters from far and wide.

At the center of all the action is the London Bridge.  This structure was originally constructed in 1831 and spanned the River Thames in London, England.  It existed there for 136 years until it was disassembled and reconstructed over Lake Havasu in 1971.  The age-old bridge emanates a charming romanticism as it serves as a convenient walkway between hot party spots in the area.  During the day it provides an outlook from which to observe the surrounding activities including a spectacle of motorboats cruising below, often with powerful engines and bikini clad riders soaking in the sun.

The waters edge scene at Lake Havasu provides a perfect day-time party atmosphere. After sunset the party rages on, conveniently at either side of the London Bridge where most of the nightclubs are located.  The bridge offers a short walk in the fresh air above the water while connecting bars and nightlife nearby.  From the bridge at night, music can be heard spilling out from the clubs and over the water.

Lake Havasu combines a casual, easygoing attitude with a strong undercurrent of partying. This creates a great outdoor party environment.