Whether you like it or not, the winter is on it’s way, and it is coming fast. The cool air starts to blanket the country, and with that comes the snowfall. This does not have to hinder your partying lifestyle though, as the winter months can bring plenty of heat in the drinking world. Fully embrace the season, and hit up a ski resort town. Even if you do not ride the slopes, you can ride a barstool at many venues, and although these places may be dead in the off-season, the winter time might as well be Spring Break. The bars get jam packed, people from all over flock to enjoy the mountains, and the afterparties that come with a long day on the hill. If you want some of the hottest parties this winter, make sure to check out one of these 4 ski resort towns.


aspen-2356If you are a fan of sitting next to a celebrity at a bar, but don’t want to have to go through all the ropes of LA, Aspen is for you. Everyone becomes friends after a long day in the snow, and it doesn’t matter who you are. This Colorado town packs quite the party punch in the winter months. There are plenty of options to party in one of the most popular ski resort towns in the world. Head out west if you want to rage with people from all walks of life.

Mont Tremblant:

mont tremblantHead north of the border for some of the biggest parties of the year. Up in Montreal, Canada, Mont Tremblant is notorious for having some of the best nightlife available, ski season or not. Not to mention the drinking age is only 18, so people of all ages flock here to rage throughout the winter. Montreal is known for being a party city as it is, and that role is not relinquished with the ski and snowboard population. Bars line the streets, and New Years Eve every year here is a memorable time, with the amount of people that line the streets from the U.S. and Canada to rage all night after riding the mountain all day. This place is more than worth it if you like wild times on and off a mountain.


Killington-concertA ski resort town you may not have heard of unless you have been to the northeast in the winter, this Vermont mountain is sure your give you what you want in terms of nightlife. The rest of the year might be dead, but when that fluffy white stuff starts falling from the sky, head to Killington on a weekend and you will see what we are talking about. Running into the alpine athletes is not an uncommon occurrence, and every ski lodge and pub alike is packed with people looking to get their nightlife drink on. Don’t sleep on this lively Vermont ski mecca.

Park City:

park city nightlifeUtah is well known for it’s skiing and boarding, and the partying comes in right after it. Home to many winter sports events throughout the season, this naturally comes with huge bashes seemingly nightly. Everyone is looking to meet and greet after a day on the slopes, so why wouldn’t you head here? Also, the Sundance Film Festival is held here, and will blow your socks off with the amount of parties that coincide with this. Good mountains, and better nightlife.