Want a beach worthy version of traditional ping pong? Smashball is the answer. This game is played with two wooden, water-safe paddles and a rubber ball. The object of the game is to keep the ball airborne. The rest of the rules are up to you. Smashball gives all their players the opportunity to make the game as personalized and creative as they want. Drinking, push ups, spankings, etc. are just some of the many options for dropping the ball. 






Similar to the traditional surf boards, the skim board is a light weight version for both shallow water and sea. These boards skim the edge of the water and break through the crashing waves. Skimboards give everyday people the chance to perform crazy tricks they might struggle with on a surfboard. They even make it possible to execute hard core skate tricks in the water.






The beach is ideal for surfing and spending the day in the water. However, renting boards and carrying them around all day can be expensive and a hassle. Surf-Grips are a great addition to body surfing. Surf-Grips are worn on your hands, you can use one or two. As the waves come in, chase them down and ride on your grips. They're virtually indestructible and add a new twist to an old sport.





Webbed Finger Gloves

When it's time to swim for fun (or for dear life) give yourself the edge and swim like a champion or like you would if you had webbed fingers.




Glow in the Dark Horse Shoes

Glow in the Dark Horse Shoes can easily be seen during your night time activities. The party starts when the sun goes down so why not bring out an old favorite. Plus a little competition with your favorite drinks or dares adds for a more interesting night.





Glow in the Dark Frisbee

For even more late night fun around the fire, try glow in the dark Frisbees. The longer you party, the more your coordination will be challenged. 





Hydro Catch

Do you remember that old school catch game with a Velcro ball? Well, its back and this time it's water proof. Hydro catch does virtually all the work for you. And best of all it literally comes in every color you can imagine. So bring back those childhood memories when you hit up the beach this season.





Light Up beach ball

Do you hate how you can't see anything on the beach when the sun goes down? A light up beach ball is just what you need. The inflatable beach ball is filled with mini LED lights to keep it shinning bright when the sun goes down. The lights are activated by movements so the more you toss it around the brighter it will be. Round up your friends for a night time game of beach volleyball and keep it going all night long.