Here, we won’t be talking about the places to go or the activities you can enjoy during Spring Break. Instead, we’ll be talking about ways to shape your Spring Break experience. No, were not telling you what to do, we’re just sharing with you what we’ve noticed as the best way to enjoy Spring Break. So, here are a few tips, suggestions and recommendations on how to fully cultivate your Spring Break experience.

Shower,  Shave

Surface beauty is and always will be in, so avoid confrontation or embarrassment and take some time to care about how you look. Shave or wax any unsightly hair on your body. See it as the “humanitarian” thing to do. And remember, looking less hairy has never been a bad thing.

Stay Fitted

There’s never a strict dress code applied to Spring Breakers but there are some things you probably shouldn’t do, like wear flip flops and socks. It’s just awkward. Women, don’t dye your hair green or bright pink because when you jump in the pool, it’s coming right out – and unsuspecting blondes will find themselves sporting your hair color. And men, you might feel comfortable in a Speedo, but a majority of the time, you’re probably making everyone around you uncomfortable. So, just get yourself a nice pair of board shorts for Spring Break and call it a day. Save the Speedos for the swim team.

Party Animal Etiquette

If you’re going to a house or hotel party, don’t show up empty handed. Bring alcohol, food or other goodies so that you can earn your right to party. Also, if you don’t know the host of the party, find him or her, and introduce yourself. Make yourself known not just to the host, but to as many people as possible. It keeps things cool and everyone comfortable.

Get Low!

If everyone is dancing – dance! And if you see someone on the wall or sitting down, dance with them! Even if you can’t hold a rhythm, think of it this way, would you rather be the person sitting around bumming out the party or that wild and crazy party animal who went insane on the dance floor? You will get much more respect if you at least try to enjoy yourself.


Whatever you do, wherever you go, at every Spring Break party you will ever attend, you will find a hater. When running into a hater, you have two options: completely avoid them or simply talk to them and get to know them.  Even if you’re not the host of the party, make sure that everyone is having a good time: say hello to everyone, ask them how they’re doing and make them laugh – especially haters. If everyone had this party philosophy, the revolution would have started a long time ago.

The Party Animal Diet

Eat healthy. Sounds strange especially since we’re discussing the no-holds-barred occasion of Spring Break, but the healthier you eat, the more you can drink, the longer you can party, and the less likely you will get sick during the festivities. Make sure to include fruits, vegetables and vitamins in your diet even if it’s just a little.