The cooler air, pumpkin beer, leggings, and pumpkins can only mean one thing; fall is here. With fall comes one of the greatest days of the year, Halloween. Now there is never too early a time to be thinking of a Halloween costume, and if you are like most people then you had the perfect costume thought of in February, and have long forgotten what it was and are slamming your head against a wall for not writing it down. Well, thankfully you still have some time to get your costume together. Let’s take a look at what are sure to be some of the most popular costumes you will see drunkenly stumbling around.

  • Hot Girls Despicable Me MinionsMinions – A hit movie, especially among the female population is sure to bring out the minions. Characters from this cartoon will be numbered in groups, and you can be sure to see the yellow freaks running around from party to bar all night. Guys and girls can get in on the act, and it is a costume that just about everyone will recognize right away. Although it may seem like a child’s movie, be prepared for the ladies to get creative and show as much skin as possible while wearing goggles and still trying to be sexy.
  • The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby – If you were unlucky enough to have a girlfriend in the last two months, you were surely dragged to go see The Great Gatsby. You sat in the seat praying for the movie projector to combust into flames, and end your 2 hour misery while your girlfriend flooded the movie theater seat all because of King Leo. Either way, girls are going to want to replicate the outfits in this movie, because every girl loves how they dressed during this era. Fellas, make the old ball and chain happy and do a couple’s costume using this. It is an easy costume, she will be in heaven, and maybe if you don’t pass out from the undoubtedly 15 tequila shots you will need to get through the night, you can get some late night flapper girl action of your own.
  • Duck Dynasty – A great TV show with a cult following, the bearded men of duck dynasty will make a surefire appearance this season. Girls may love or hate guys with beards, but you will absolutely see the ladies doing their best Robertson impressions and trying somehow to make a beard sexy.
  • 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowMiley Cyrus – The most talked about entertainer of the last few months involved in the most talked about performance in recent memory is sure to bring up some copycats for the Halloween season. Expect to see many re-creations of the VMA performance, with cabooses twerking all over replica Robin Thicke crotches. Let’s be honest though, if you really want to stick out from all the other poorly attempted Miley costumes, grow a pair and cut and dye your hair just how she did. Then you will gain respect from the Halloween Gods.
  • Breaking Bad – If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you know Breaking Bad. The TV show that dominated social media the last couple of months, ending recently, will bring out those cult fans on Halloween. Expect to see a bevy of characters from Walter White, to Jesse Pinkman dressed to a T. And guys, girls seem to love this show, so be prepared to have a gushing of uncontrollable attention if you pull this off right.
  • grumpy catGrumpy Cat – Maybe the most popular meme there could be, the grumpy cat will definitely make an appearance this Halloween. Although some people might not get it right away, with the right face paint and whiskers, the true internet abusers will get it right away, and absolutely love it. So throw on that grump-a-lump face, and rock that pussy cat all night.

If you’re a guy and all else fails, and you can’t think of something good luck with being THAT guy with an outdated football jersey on. If you’re a girl, slap on some bunny ears and wear a white bra and thong and you will probably win a $1000 in a costume contest.