Imagine being on Spring Break and having a little fun…you and all your friends, laughing and getting your drink on…when suddenly, here comes the boys in blue. You weren't doing anything against the law, but alas, they don't see it like that. The next thing you know you’re getting a ticket, or worse – the silver bracelets.

While partying on Spring Break, the last thing you want is to run into the police. Having to deal with cops can be a challenging experience but it makes them a little easier to tolerate if you can see things from their perspective. You see, the officers have a love / hate relationship with Spring Break. They must embrace Spring Breakers because of all the money we bring into their city and state. But when Spring Breakers roll into town the ratio of cops per civilian drops instantly and almost overnight they have much less resources available. This makes them feel outnumbered and more vulnerable – and they hate it when that happens. 

A surprising source of revenue is actually generated by the police themselves – from writing tickets. Cops are making arrests and writing more tickets during Spring Break than at any other time of the year and they are creating additional income for their city. This is why they do like Spring Break. Especially knowing that the vast majority of tickets written won't be fought in court because students generally won't go back to their Spring Break location at a later date to contest it, (especially if it's during the semester).

Every year millions of students descend upon Spring Break locations across the country and when cops have their hands full they aren't usually in a very good mood. They are on a mission to establish control, and often attempt to do this by writing tickets and making arrests. During Spring Break they are not trying to be friendly, understanding or even reasonable. They are attempting to control that which is uncontrollable (Spring Break:) and they are frustrated. If you see the cops during Spring Break just go the other way, don’t let the po-po affect your week of fun!


Some things your friendly neighborhood officer is looking for:

  • Underage drinking
  • Not carrying I.D.
  • Drinking outside of designated areas
  • Public intoxication
  • Urinating in public / indecent exposure
  • Climbing or sitting on hotel balcony
  • Riding on the outside of a vehicle (hanging out the window, riding the roof, standing on the running boards, etc.)
  • Playing music too loud
  • Jay walking…even something like this gives cops the opportunity to approach you and ask to see identification…if you don't have it with you, legally they can search you. What if you're carrying something illegal? Depending on their mood you could be arrested and have to spend a night in jail…if arrested on a Friday this could mean the entire weekend in jail!  Be aware of these 'Murphy’s Law' type situations (anything that can go wrong, will) and avoid having to deal with the cops.


These are some of the moves police use to control their environment and you… understanding how they think helps you avoid them and enjoy your Spring Break.



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