The entire flying process can be pretty miserable. Sure, the end destination can get you excited, but the rest of it is a drag. We have listed off 5 items you need to have with you on the plane to make your next flight as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


This is one of the more versatile items you can bring with you for a long flight. If you have a paper due after your trip or an exam coming up, you can use it to study. Most likely if you’re going on a kickass vacation, schoolwork isn’t going to happen on the way there though, so scratch that. The laptop still serves more uses than a frat rat though, with endless opportunity for fun. You can pop a dvd in to pass the time, or download some games before the flight to continue to lower your brain cell count.

Neck pillow

neck pillowSure, you look like an absolute goon walking through the airport, but you’ll be thankful you have it about 45 minutes into your flight when your neck starts horribly cramping up from lack of support for your melon. If you don’t have a neck pillow to sleep on, at least make sure you have a sweatshirt or blanket you can ball up. The last thing you want to do is borrow one of those extremely clean and hygienic airplane blankets.


This is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at just how many people refuse to bring headphones. If you don’t, you’re either stuck listening to the annoying guy sitting behind you try to hit on a girl clearly out of his league, or you’ll be forced to buy a pair of those sorry excuse for headphones the airline offers for seemingly $37 a pop. Headphones are going to help you listen to that music to get you amped for your trip, or to listen to that movie where the language would appall the rest of the passengers if heard out loud. Worst comes to worst, pop in the earbuds and pretend you are listening to something to keep that annoying guy in the turtleneck next to you out of your life.

Little bottles of booze

Little bottles of boozeThis can’t be overstated enough. Booze needs to be had on an airplane. When your strapped inside a compact metal tube screaming through the air at 30,000 feet, booze is imperative. Whether it’s to make the time go by faster, calm nerves, pregame for vacation, or to make the entire flying process actually bearable, pack the booze in your carryon. They make specific tiny bottles of booze for this exact reason. Load up even more by emptying out those tiny bottles of soap and shampoo hotels give you. Remember, airlines have limits on sizes of liquids, but nobody said anything about what kind of liquid. Take advantage of this rule.

Not a middle seat

Yup, had to be said. No way you can go through a proper journey on an airplane on a middle seat. If you’re flying with someone else, then MAYBE this is acceptable. If you are flying alone, nope. If you choose a middle seat on a solo flight, you are guaranteed to be stuck between the two biggest, smelliest people on the flight. Pretty much a lock for it. Take the aisle or window seat. If you willingly sit in the middle seat, you are an absolute savage and cannot be trusted in every day life.