So you’ve been hanging out with this new girl, and you are really feeling her. The only thing is, you aren’t sure if she is even that into you. You guys get along great, and she is hot as hell, but there are some red flags being tossed up that are making you think twice if you’re just wasting your time with her. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for to tell if a girl isn’t really that into you:

She only invites you out with friends

This can be great because you feel like you’re constantly being included in her plans. She hits you up to go hit the bars with everyone, says it’s cool if you join everyone for dinner, and when there is a massive house party, you’ll be allowed in. While this might seem like she is feeling you, you might start to notice that she never wants to hang out with you alone. You’ll notice at the end of the night with all of her friends, she is going home with them, and not with you. Yes, it is a good time, but she isn’t feeling you if she never wants to hang out one on one.

She doesn’t introduce you to friends

She's Not Into YouYes, this is the complete opposite of what we just told you, but it’s the truth. It’s awesome that you are getting to spend all of this alone time with her. Date nights, going over to her apartment late at night after the party, going to lunch the town over. Privacy can certainly seem like a good thing, but be cautious. If she isn’t bringing you around her friends at all, this is a red flag. A girl that’s into you usually is excited for her friends to meet you, so they can judge you and tell her that she is doing an awesome job. Until you get the perfect mix of solo and friend action, be aware.

You only hang out during the day

Whether it’s lunch dates, going to the beach, or going hiking, this tip kind of ties into the one we just talked about. Day dates are fun, but there is less chance of her running into someone she might know than at night, which could be why she is only hanging out during the day. This is usually a sign of a girl not feeling you too much, and is a surefire way to end up in the friendzone for life. If you can’t get her to see you at night, for a date or even some late night loving, you might want to rethink her motives, friend.

She waits to see if better plans come up

She's Not Into You

Every time you hit her up to do something, she hits you back with a, “Ya that sounds cool, let me get back to you in a bit”, or a “Yeah maybe, we will see how the day goes!”. This is a sign of her using you as her backup plan. She is waiting around to see if something better comes along, whether it’s friends or even another guy. If this happens every once and a while it’s cool, but be smart if it’s happening on a consistant basis. Don’t waste your time with this broad.

She doesn’t tag you in pictures

This should be pretty self-explanatory. If she isn’t tagging you in pictures that you are in, it’s a safe bet she doesn’t want people to know about you, or you and her. If she isn’t even posting pictures of you on social media but is posting tons of others, that’s even worse. Social media is a tell-tale sign of how much a girl is into you, since we all know that most girls are consumed by it.