Whether your hair is long or short, any of these styles will turn heads.

Long and Bouncy

Smooth effortless curls and volume can go with any outfit. This style is simple to get. First blow dry your hair into sections using a round brush to create a wave. For extra definition, let you hair sit in over sized curlers for a little bit. Part your hair in the middle and brush outwards. Now you have sexy waves perfect for going out.

Beach Worthy French Twist

For those days when you want to look a little bit more put together, try French twist. First you add a thickening or volumizing lotion to your hair. Then your let your hair dry naturally. This will give your hair beach like textures. Once your hair is dry, brush the back of your hair upwards starting at the nape of your neck. Finger comb the hair back into place, twist the back and bobby pin. Leave the front of your hair wavy and secure any stray hairs if you want.

Relaxed Half-up Pouf

How do you look like you just walked off the runway while still saying you love to party? I have the perfect look for you. For this relaxed up-do, you want to start with natural looking waves in your hair. You’ll want to curl your hair away from your face only curling to just above your ear. Hairspray and then brush out your curls to look more natural and flowy. Now, separate a top portion of your hair at the crown of your head. Tease the upper portion of your hair for height. Smooth out the top layer of your teased portion. Once the top is smooth, shape your hair into your desired bouffant shaped pouf. Pin your hair back with a few bobby pins and viola! Now you have a natural looking up-do.

Short Hair up-do

So you’re rocking short hair and think sexy up-dos are out of the question? Think again. I have a simple style any one can do. Your hair tends to work better with this style when its the second day of washing. First, separate your hair into three parts: top, middle, bottom. Start with the bottom section; scrunch your hair and pull to the center. Pin exactly where your fingers are holding your hair together. Make the wrap messy but still held together. Repeat for the middle section. And to the top section, twist the hair making a small pouf and pin into place. You can make your pouf as high or low as you like. Hair spray and you’re finished! Now you have a simple and sexy up-do.

Beach Waves

To get this look without diving head first into salt water, try these tricks. Use a texturing cream on your hair after the shower and pin your hair up in messy sections with bobby pins. Let your hair naturally dry. Blow drying will cause too much frizz. Once your hair is 80-90 percent dry, take out the bobby pins and let you hair finish drying. Say hello to your beach waves. Add a little flexible hairspray to hold the waves and you’re ready for action.

Now you have some great new hair styles for anytime!