Graduation party

So you just graduated or are about to graduate, and you want to go out with a bang, but you haven’t planned anything yet. Well, let us be the first to tell you that it was a dumb idea to not plan ahead, because of the insane amount of graduation parties that are about to pop off around you. But as a generous graduation gift from us to you, we have decided to give the last minute tips you need in order to throw an absolute banger of a graduation party. We are talking the type of things you see in American Pie or Neighbors.

Have The Party During The Day

Graduation partyGraduation parties at night are cool and all, but this is your last college banger. You built your reputation getting mangled by 2pm all four years, so keep that tradition for one last party. Day drinking is infinitely better than night time, and you’ll find after college you don’t do it as much and you long for the days of raging in the sun. Have the party start around noon so everyone can be gone by 5 or 6pm. This way you still have time to hit a friend’s graduation party at night, albeit you might show up in a little bit of rough shape. People love day ragers, so give the people what they want.


Obviously everyone is going to be drinking, and an absurd amount of it. Liquor is great and all, and the girls are surely going to want their dose of Fireball, but having kegs of beer can appease everyone, and they are wallet friendly. We recommend getting at least two kegs, as that will be about 300 beers at a minimum. Trust us, once you get out into the real world of being an “adult”, keg stands aren’t as funny, and you’ll be battered by people telling you need to be drinking fancy craft beers. Take advantage of getting a couple kegs one last time, because soon enough you’ll realize you almost never find an opportunity for them.

Finger Foods

No, we aren’t talking about little finger sandwiches for tea and crackers. We are talking about food that you can smash when everyone is obliterated. You don’t need to get the party catered, but have a ton of foods that drunk people love. You aren’t trying to feed these people before they drink, so it doesn’t need to be healthy. We are talking cases of buffalo tenders, pizzas, mac and cheese, and if you want to get real creative, go to McDonald’s or something similar with $150 and get a ton of cheeseburgers that you can just pop in a heated up oven. People will go nuts for this.

Hire a DJ

Graduation partyThis one is a must. Although most of the DJs you know or can get a hold of may have already been booked, it is imperative to find one. Even if it is just a friend that you can pay some money to for them to be only in charge of music, it will be worth it. The last thing you want to be doing is messing with the music the entire party, instead of enjoying it. Get a DJ that knows how to play to the crowd, so you can relax and hit those kegstands. Also, hiring one will eliminate your hammered friends messing with your music system or laptop, and ruining it for everyone.