Las Vegas

Memorial Day WeekendLas Vegas seems to make the list for every top destination for any weekend, no matter the circumstance. Well, Memorial Day is no different. By this time of year, Vegas has already heated up a good amount, so there is plenty of sunshine to be had. Going along with this, the pool parties have been open for a month or two, but this weekend is a big kick off official weekend for a lot of them. They bring in the biggest names to rage and DJ for three straight days. Sure, the hotel prices for this weekend are a bit higher, but we can promise you that if you are looking for a party, there is literally no place you’d rather be. Head to the desert for three nights of stories that you will debate ever telling to anyone.


So what if you just went here for Spring Break, or you only think of it as a Spring Break spot? Cancun is great any time of year, but right before the heat of summer comes, it’s a win win scenario. The sun is strong enough to get that base tan you need for the summer, and rates for hotels are lower than you’d think for this holiday. Remember, this is an American holiday, and you’re going to be pounding Mexican beer. You do the math. Kind of like Las Vegas, Cancun knows how to bring the party and the DJ talent. Expect to see some big names in the entertainment district all weekend, just make sure you make it home in one piece.

San Diego

You honestly can’t beat the weather of Southern California this time of the year. They are known for having great weather all year long, but end of May right before the heat of summer is literally perfect. Be wary that thousands will flock here for this weekend, so it will be packed, but it is worth it. Once you put your toes in the sand during that 75 degree sun beating down on you, you’ll know you made the right decision. Day drinking is never an issue here, and this weekend brings some of the biggest parties of the year to the nightlife, especially in the Gaslamp district. Be sure to take advantage of the SoCal atmosphere.


Oh South Beach, have you ever done us wrong? Just like the other spots on this list, the weather in Miami is near perfect this time of year. It is a bit more humid than the other spots, but once you see the talent on the beach, and the nearly naked inhabitants, you will not be complaining. Miami is a city that you wake up early, eat a big breakfast while slamming some mimosas, and load the cooler up to head to the beach for the next 6 hours and get your bronze on. Head to your hotel from the beach to shower and hit dinner in an open air restaurant, and get ready for the nightlife. The nightlife in Miami is certainly different than the other places on this list, but don’t get us wrong, they rage hard. With clubs open nearly 24/7, you can’t go wrong. Just get ready to spend a pretty penny when you go out, as drinks are not cheap here. Memorial Day weekend cannot be beat if you are spending in South Beach with that Latin flair all around you, if you catch our drift.