Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away, and safe to say most people look forward to stuffing their faces with food, and not moving an inch from the couch all afternoon. This is exactly what is supposed to happen, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is a great time to spend with your family, and most obviously, it is a perfect meal to eat while hungover as can be. That’s right, the night before Thanksgiving is notoriously one of the biggest party nights of the year. Some people party harder on Thanksgiving Eve than on St. Patrick’s day, or even New Year’s Eve. There are plenty of factors that go into why this Wednesday night is one of the greatest bar nights of the year, and here’s why:

Thanksgiving Eve

Almost everyone has Thanksgiving day off

Usually people only have the weekends off, which means bars and clubs are packed mostly on Friday nights and Saturday nights. Well for Thanksgiving, with everyone having it off, it means time to rage face on a Wednesday. There aren’t any consequences of having to sit in class all day hungover, or sit in your cubicle at work feeling like your eyeballs are hanging out of your head. You might as well get blasted at the bars for the night, and sleep it off on your glorious day of rest.

People are home for the holidays and can see old friends

Thanksgiving EveMost people spend Thanksgiving with their families, and that means going home. You might be heading home from school, or flying across the country to where your parents live. Going home for the holidays means getting to see friends you normally don’t get to hang out with, and this means boozing. One of the best ways to catch up with old friends is over drinks, many of them. This turns into the old time shenanigans, and swapping stories over how many broads have been smashed this semester.

Nobody wants to think about hosting the night before Thanksgiving

The next day is a huge day if your house is hosting Thanksgiving, so nobody wants to ruin it by having people over the night before. Nobody wants to think about cooking, because that is what the next day is for. Knowing this, bars and clubs typically gear up, and have plenty of specials and deals for you to take advantage of. Blackout Wednesday is the perfect reason to go out and not think about the next day.

Thanksgiving food is a hangover person’s savior

What do you want to eat when you’re hungover? Salad and protein shakes? No, you want heavy, greasy food that will make you hate yourself by that evening. Well that goes great with Thanksgiving dinner. You are supposed to feel stuffed to the brim after eating Thanksgiving dinner no matter what, so might as well be hungover to use it as an excuse. Warm turkey, soft mashed potatoes, a bucket of gravy, and hearty stuffing just get the juices flowing when you’re hungover. The best part, you can eat it 3 times throughout the day without judgement. Time to cure your massive hangover with some of the greatest food you can fit in your stomach.