Just got back from Spring Break 2016, and already bumming that you’re out of the warm weather? No worries, you can start looking forward to Las Vegas pool party season, as it is ramping up. That’s right, pool party season starts early in the desert and rages all summer long. Every year, new parties are popping up on the scene, and it can almost be overwhelming trying to decide where to spend your day raging in the sun. Never fear; that’s why you have us to help you decide. Here’s a look at the top pool parties to hit in Las Vegas.

Drai’s Beach Club


Situated at The Cromwell, Drai’s has burst onto the pool party scene in recent years. The Cromwell is a smaller hotel, but the pool party is where the action is. Situated 11 floors above the Vegas Strip, the views alone will blow you away almost as much as the loud music the DJs rip all day long.

Wet Republic

One of the spots that everyone is always talking about, Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, brings the noise. The pool area is a bit smaller, but if you want to rage with the best of them, you won’t care. Every summer, Wet Republic brings in the biggest names every week, and is no different. With opening weekend this coming weekend, Tiesto headlines the insanity on Saturday. Get ready for a wild time in a packed house week in and week out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Head to the Cosmopolitan for a pool party this year that you won’t forget. The draw here really is the living in luxury style that Marquee brings you. Rent out one of the 3 story bungalows to prove your worth, and you won’t want to head anywhere else. These come with their own infinity pool and living space. Marquee does pull in as many huge name artists as the other spots on this list, but the party itself is just as good as any other.


Packing nearly 5,000 people into this pool scene, Daylight at Mandalay Bay definitely does not disappoint. With over 20 VIP cabanas, you can rage in style. Not to mention the stage is elevated, so the huge name artists that come here can be seen from everywhere. With the grounds being so large as well, you don’t feel like a pack of sardines all smashed in the pool. You can still roam around and scope out the talent while double fisting the booze.

Encore Beach Club

At the Wynn Encore, this is one of the biggest pool parties out there. Everything about this place screams party central. With stripper poles situated right by the pool, you couldn’t feel more at home in Sin City. Featuring huge names all summer, this bash is worth a look at. We know there are a million options out there when it comes trying to choose where to party all day, but you can never go wrong with Encore. Not to mention it brings in some of the sexiest people in all of Vegas.