St. Patrick’s Day was last week, and as usual, it was a party. Not only is it already an enormous drinking holiday, but the fact that it falls during Spring Break season can only be something the luck of the Irish would bring. If you were on Spring Break last week, you were going to rage anyways, but knowing it was St. Patrick’s Day most likely put an extra green beer or two in your belly. Every Spring Break spot typically throws a St. Patrick’s Day party, but let’s be honest, it just isn’t the same as a bar crawl in an Irish atmosphere.  If you weren’t on Spring Break for St. Patrick’s Day, hopefully you were in one of these cities. These were the top places to rage for St. Patrick’s Day this year.


St. Patrick's Day

Ahh Beantown. With a 20% Irish population, you know this city is popping off every year for St. Patrick’s Day. It doesn’t matter the weather, drinks will be had each year on this day. No city takes its heritage more seriously, and basically the entire city shuts down for the day, even if it’s a weekday. This is basically like homecoming for an entire city. If you aren’t ripping beers and shots of Jameson by 9am, then you are doing it wrong. The parade every year is always a blast, and this year was no different. The citizens of Boston could care less if you’re actually Irish or not, as long as you embrace the culture for the day, you’re good in their books.


St. Patrick's Day

Every year Chicago dyes their river green, and this year was no different. With one of the largest Irish populations in the country, Chicago celebrates this day hard. This year the parade was absolutely bananas, and it seemed everywhere you turned someone was slamming a beer. Chicago takes their celebrations seriously. You don’t believe us? We mentioned they dye their river. Well, they don’t just dye it for the day. The river is turned green in the weeks leading up to the holiday, so by the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, anticipation is boiling over. If you didn’t make it to Chicago this year, you better hit it up next!

San Diego

St. Patrick's Day

Could it get any better in terms of weather for this holiday? Celebrating by the beach is the way to go, and San Diego this year was off the wall. The weather was on point, and beers and bikinis were everywhere in site. San Diego has a huge bash called the shamROCK Music Festival, and the after parties this year were insane. San Diego has the Gaslamp district, which is party haven as well. If you thought the festivities ended during the day, you are sorely mistaken. Although tan skin isn’t a quality you think of when you think Irish, there was plenty of it out in San Diego this year. Let’s just say the festival, as well as the nightlife did not disappoint whatsoever.