As we have already discovered, Cancun for Spring Break is a nonstop party. This is not exactly a Spring Break destination you head to for relaxation with a few friends. Even the “quieter” hotels have events going on that cater toward the drinking crowd. You knew this when you booked so be honest with yourself. If you wanted to spend all day sitting by the pool listening to the ocean, you would have went somewhere else. This brings us to where the best places to be for day parties. There are a lot of options to get your drink on, whether it is playing a few games, full out ragers, or hammering down drinks at a bar by the ocean.

Party Zone Bars:

If you want to get away from your hotel for a bit during the day, but still get your buzz on, the bars are a good option. You may vaguely remember this area from the night before because you were obliterated, but they are still fun while the sun is up. You can take an extremely cheap bus ride from the hotel zone, or even a taxi will run you no more than $5-$10. Senor Frogs is a popular day drinking spot as it offers great views of the ocean, and runs fun contests during the day.

Your Hotel’s Activities:

Hotel ActivitiesLike we mentioned before, every hotel in Cancun during Spring Break is prepared to party, and bring the heat. This means most hotels host different games and activities every day, usually including alcohol. Whether it is a drinking Olympics, a chugging contest to win a bottle of liquor, or a trivia game to win club passes, your hotel will most likely have you covered. Also, be sure to check with hotel staff on events they host outside the hotel, such as booze cruises and party buses to other hotels and bars.

Oasis Hotel:

The largest and most popular Spring Break hotel in CancunUndoubtedly the largest and most popular Spring Break hotel in Cancun, the Oasis has everything you dreamed Spring Break it would be. If you are staying there, everything is free, but if you are not, you pay a small fee to party there for the day. From the huge stage set on the beach with DJs performing and drinking contests and booty shaking competitions, to the pools and pool bars that are slammed all day with hot bodies and loud music, the Oasis is THE place to be to day party in Cancun. Literally thousands of people flock to this hotel every day, all to unite as one huge partying animal.