Everything is bigger in Texas. This is a term you have probably heard of, but never gave much thought to. Well, when it comes to Spring Break, Texas does it huge. A small city called South Padre Island heats up when Spring Break┬árolls around, and becomes one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the U.S. and for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for hot bodies, beaches, endless drinks, and nightlife that will put your college to shame, then you are going to want to head to South Padre Island, Texas for your Spring Break. Once there, the endless amount of shenanigans await you, and these 5 nightlife spots will give you everything you can handle for your week of boozed infused partying and sex-fest.


South Padre Island Nightlife: MooncussersIf you love special events, and rubbing elbows with celebrities, head to Mooncussers. One of the largest bars in South Padre Island, the nightly performances here get as wild as anywhere, which makes it perfect that it is walking distance to most of the hotels. Behind the Howard Johnson on the main strip, this bar and restaurant features open air dancers and will make you and your friends get a bit crazier than anticipated.

Club Pelican West

The only true indoor nightclub in South Padre, with Co2 jets that blast all night and a sound system that will rumble your loins awake, you need to check out Club Pelican West at least a couple times while you spend your Spring Break in Texas. The beach resort is near the Saida towers, and delivers one of the biggest nightlife punches you can imagine, especially while on Spring Break. Be prepared to wake up the next day next to someone you don’t know, and may never see again.

Club Chaos

South Padre Island Nightlife: Club ChaosThis nightclub is huge, and who doesn’t want to be a part of an indoor foam party? Known for some of the wildest parties on South Padre Island, Club Chaos makes a stiff drink, to get your nerves stiffer to talk to that smokebomb you scouted on the beach earlier. That’s right, drink it up, and put it down at Club Chaos.

Tequila Sunset

Being right next to Louie’s Backyard has it advantages, for bar-hopping especially! Walking distance from most hotels, Tequila Sunset allows views of awesome sunsets for when you are inebriated and want to just chill and look at something cool. Wake up though, because the energy at this club is always extremely high, with everyone wanting to dance on everything. Get ready to meet some people from all over the country here, because who doesn’t love dancing all night, tequila, and grinding harder than your teeth after too much 1am fun? This place has it all, including live music.

Louie’s Backyard

South Padre Island Nightlife: Padre Louies BackyardThis just may be the most popular bar and restaurant on South Padre Island, regardless of the time of year. Throw in Spring Break, and you won’t want to head anywhere else. With bungee jumping and go-carts on site, this place literally has it all. It is bayfront, and has the best Spring Break contests in the entertainment district. If you want to watch drunken hotties do funny things, head to Louie’s Backyard. Oh, and not to mention their two specialty drinks are tops among the bars, with The Whammy and Charlie’s Cherry ready to knock you back and hype you up for the night.